Protestia Founder Jordan Hall Investigated For Embezzlement

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Jordan Hall theft by embezzlement


It was just reported yesterday that Protestia founder, Jordan Hall was being investigated for “Assault With Weapon” (knife/cutting instrument) and “Strangulation of Partner or Family Member”, which according to testimony from a former church member included assault on his wife and 10 year old daughter. Chris Howard spoke with acting pastor Caleb Snodgrass who told him that Jordan’s 16 year old son had to intervene to stop him from attacking his little sister. In newly obtained documents from the Sidney, MT Police Department, Hall is apparently under investigation for “Theft Exceeding $10,000 By Embezzlement” as well. According to the report, the alleged incident occurred on June 23, 2022 just days before his church released an official statement disqualifying him from ministry due to Xanax abuse. It wasn’t reported to authorities, however, until recently on July 10, 2022. It appears that the same day (June 23) the violent rampage was reported to authorities (3 weeks after it happened on June 5), Jordan apparently engaged in this theft by embezzlement. His corruption is endless it seems.


protestia founder jordan hall embezzlement

Police Report Embezzlement 1


Police Report Embezzlement 2


Police records list the victim as “Fellowship Baptist Church” in Sidney where Hall has been employed for over a decade. There appear to be 4 listed witnesses to this embezzlement. While the church is listed as the “victim” in this case, the same church helped cover-up Hall’s alleged abuse of his family, while using Xanax as a scapegoat in their public statement on his disqualification. When Hall’s wife publicly rebuked the church on their Facebook page for lying about helping to support her, they promptly deleted her comment and restricted further commenting. Jordan Hall’s wife and kids are the real victims, not only of Jordan, but of the church who allowed and thereby encouraged Jordan to terrorize people with his menacing behavior for many years.

If convicted, Jordan Hall could spend 1 year in prison and up to 10 years while incurring fines of up to $50,000. Given his recent DUI arrest and pending investigation for felony possession of dangerous drugs as well as being investigated for assault on his wife and daughter (which included a weapon and strangulation according to reports), it is unlikely that he will receive probation only even if restitution is made for the embezzlement. This comes as the culmination of a nearly decade-long reign of spiritual terror that would rival Jim Jones in its madness. Jordan Hall has been helped along by respected and popular evangelical figures like Justin Peters of Justin Peters Ministries, who spoke at Hall’s church only 16 months ago praising him for his friendship (click this to watch the video yourself). This was just 4 days after I produced a video entitled “The Ministry Mafia and Theological Thugs” which exposed Jordan Hall and his many corruptions and Justin Peters’ involvement in them. Justin Immediately went to Montana to visit his friend and have a powwow about how to do damage control.


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Justin Peters at Hall’s Church March, 2021


Jordan Hall and Protestia (formerly Pulpit & Pen), the blog he founded, have been engaged in serial slander of the most salacious sort for many years. Their corruption has been evident to those with even a modicum of discernment (which is ironically what they claim to be gifted at), and yet they have continued along because more respected names like Justin Peters or Chris Rosebrough of “Fighting for the Faith” or Phil Johnson of Grace to You, have happily used Jordan as their essential hired gun. Jordan himself admitted in a podcast that he took punches for other people so their reputations stayed intact. In other words, they have done the dirty work that others didn’t want to put their name on. As Jordan Hall has been sued for libel and lost, it’s evident that people have used him to peddle lies on their behalf. And because Jordan Hall has been, “speaking lies in hypocrisy, having [his] own conscience seared with a hot iron.” (1 Timothy 4:2), he had no reservations about fabricating stories. Why would he? Any man who can assault his wife and 10 year old daughter, steal in excess of $10,000 by embezzlement, habitually abuse Xanax, etc., all while claiming to be a minister of God, is certainly not above lying for sport. This man has been a spiritual plague to Christendom, and while occasionally saying some true things, has done more harm than the worst false teachers. Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen are not half as bad as Jordan Hall the wolf and the religious hypocrites who have cosigned him for years and years. 


reformation montana justin peters protestia founder jordan hall embezzlement

2014 Conference at Hall’s Church


Men like Jordan Hall exist because of cowardly enablers like those pictured along with him. Justin Peters, Chris Rosebrough, Phil Johnson and even Voddie Baucham have glowingly endorsed this monster since at least 2014 (some earlier) and have only withdrawn support in recent days when they could no longer spin his behavior to protect themselves, else they would have simply stayed silent. Justin, Phil and Chris even acknowledging in a recent video that they have seen “red flags” for years (Phil Johnson actually compared Jordan to a man who murdered someone in his office), and yet they not only stayed silent about what they claim to have known, but actively partnered with him. Meanwhile, many of us were warning that this man was a clear danger and a hazard to all around him in every way. This is such a glaring indictment upon most of the so-called “discernment” community, especially in the reformed camp, who have no actual clue what real discernment is. Partiality always blinds an otherwise discerning eye. But networking is really what these frauds are after. If Benny Hinn or Kenneth Copeland had been doing half of what Jordan has done for years, Justin Peters would have produced a 10 part series on it. But when it’s his friend and partner, the cowardly hypocrite shows partiality and takes a false moral high ground as though Jordan Hall was always a good guy who just recently became corrupt. This is foolish. His corruption has simply culminated, unsurprisingly, in him breaking man’s laws. He has been breaking God’s laws for years and these modern-day Pharisees stood silent and allowed this to wax worse. And why? Because they are just like Jordan. Their deeds may differ for reasons of self-preservation, but they are like-minded corrupt men; blind guides of the blind who live in echo chambers where the only bible worth having is a John MacArthur study bible. May God continue to judge and expose these hypocrites for who they are and who they have been. While I have been warning about them all for some time, I am by no means alone. Many others have seen this. As it has been said, there are many voices, but One Spirit who discloses to all.

The video below is 5 hours documenting the recent corruption and cover-up excluding the new development of theft by embezzlement.


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  1. It appears to me that Chris Rosebrough Justin Peters and Phil Johnson have attempted to shut down the conversation in their recent video with their accusation of “gloating” re JD Hall. I have also heard it described elsewhere as “gossiping”. It would be far better at this stage for these men to repent and have done with it rather than continue to protect their own positions. I hope that they will be humble enough to put this matter right without delay. They need to desperately address the sin of partiality, especially considering their “ministries” against the Word-Faith NAR prosperity teachers. If we can’t take the plank out of our own eye, then we have no chance of addressing the errors of others. God bless.

  2. GD Post says:

    It pains me to see Voddie and Sye up there with those men. But none of us are good, so it makes sense in that regard. Thanks for staying on top of things like this, Joshua. May God bless you according to His will.


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