Protestia Founder Jordan Hall Attacks Wife & Daughter

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Jordan Hall Abuser


UPDATE: Jordan Hall is now being investigated for “Theft Exceeding $10,000 by Embezzlement”. CLICK HERE

Yes. Those are the items Protestia founder, Jordan Hall, is under investigation for. In a June 27, 2022 statement detailing the disqualification of Jordan Hall, the “church” he has presided over for over a decade alluded to an “incident” that took place on June 5, 2022 in which they discovered that he had been abusing Xanax. They claimed the Xanax abuse disqualified him from ministry but refused to disclose the “incident” on June 5. Having now obtained documents from the Sidney Police department, we can see that a report was made on June 23, 2022 regarding the June 5, 2022 incident. So his entire church waited 3 weeks to report what they knew had happened, which according to a source who spoke directly with acting pastor Caleb Snodgrass, included Jordan hitting his wife, Mandy Hall, and his ten year old daughter. Caleb told the (now former) church member that Jordan’s 16 year old son got involved after his little sister was attacked. The violent rampage was never disclosed as the corrupt church hid behind the idea of not wanting to “gossip” despite TWO WITNESSES being listed on the report itself. According to the report a knife or cutting instrument was involved. “Strangulation of Partner or Family Member” sounds very serious and is consistent with reports that his son tried to stop him from further attacking his mother and little sister.


protestia, jd hall, jordan hall

Jordan Hall Police Report


protestia, jd hall, jordan hall

Jordan Hall Police Report 2


Myself and others have been warning for years that Jordan Hall ,of Protestia, was a dangerous man in every sense of the term and that somebody was going to get hurt eventually. Little did we know, that while he was vociferously attacking people in the church with outright lies and fabrications, that he was abusing Xanax and has now allegedly resorted to abusing his wife and 10 year old daughter. Sadly, Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney Montana has been complicit in Jordan Hall’s corruption for many years and has allowed him to reach this point. How many more victims will come forward? Time will tell. It is fully anticipated that the church and his devoted band of sycophants (who operate like a cult) will come screaming to his defense despite the fact that his own family are now the apparent recipients of his tyrannical and unhinged abuse. Jordan Hall is and was an abuser who has been aided and abetted by a corrupt church who has helped make him what he is, to say nothing of his long-time friends Justin Peters, Phil Johnson and Chris Rosebrough.

Below is the 5 hour video detailing all of the evidence of Corruption, Cover-Up and Abuse by Jordan Hall and his cohorts:





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