Do Not Put Your Trust In Men

Do not put your trust in princes,
Nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help.
(Psalm 146:3)

With talk of forced Covid vaccinations, hyper-inflation and even murmurings of civil war, the world around us devolves more into unabated chaos and confusion. As such there is a natural and unfortunate tendency for us to seek a “prince” or some “son of man” to put our trust in. It is more subtle and more dangerous than we might think. In the U.S. (apply in your own context if you’re reading from elsewhere) conservative voices like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for example, are sought after as his views are in stark contrast to the radical tyranny we see emerging in so many places. Many people saw Donald Trump as a welcome change to the familiar and tired political landscape in the U.S. While it may appear innocent enough that we are seeking some political hero to set things right, the degree to which we put our trust in men can potentially give Satan a strong foothold, to say nothing of dishonoring God in the process. Thank God for His word to set us aright in every area. Truly there is nothing new under the sun.

The desire to alleviate some discomfort, whether it be a circumstantial, physical or psychological ailment, is not sinful. It would be strange and in a measure sadistic if one welcomed plagues or uncertainty with glee. Some lying cults actually forbid medical treatment supposing themselves to be “trusting in God”, when in reality they are showcasing their ignorance and pride. These are not merely irresponsible, but in most instances forsaking graces of God and thereby dishonoring Him while pretending to be spiritual. This is spiritual idiocy. It is understandable, therefore, that we would seek out those that might aid in easing certain burdens. This is not where we go wrong, but rather in the measure to which we look to or “trust” in sons of men.

We are told not to put our trust in them, that is not to see any man for more than he truly is; DUST (Genesis 18:27). The text continues, “His spirit departs, he returns to his earth; In that very day his plans perish.” (Psalm 146:4) All men are but a breath away from being a memory. When a prince in this world passes, his plans and intentions pass with him. Men are only as good, reliable and helpful as the God who gives them strength. Therefore, no man has anything to offer but what grace he has received from the Lord. Whether in the personal, political, judicial or theological realm, DO NOT put your trust in “princes” or in any son of man. We often tout clichés like “men will fail, but God will never fail.” but rarely put much meditation on the sentiment. No sooner does a man fail us than we seek another man to put our trust in. We default here and must strive against it.

Despair or worry are indicators that our trust has been misplaced. If after some man or group of men are sidelined in whom we had pinned our hopes for accomplishing something that would do us well, either personally, nationally or otherwise, we despair and resort to fretting, our trust has been misplaced. Fretting is wholly incompatible with trusting in the Lord and betrays where we had truly sought refuge. Not even a fiery furnace was enough to make Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego fret, but they boldly proclaimed, “…our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us from your hand, O king.” (Daniel 3:17) Note that they did not cry out for some princely deliverer or even entertain the thought of some son of man coming to the rescue. They knew that God alone could deliver them by any means He so chose. If a mere man had been used to dissuade the king from his sentence or to pull them from the furnace, no doubt they would have attributed his every strength to God alone. Or did any man ever give himself strength or account for his own wisdom? Yet we give credence to such foolishness without any thought.

While this immediate text is dealing with men in particular, God’s word makes clear that anything temporal or created is a vain hope.

No king is saved by the multitude of an army;
A mighty man is not delivered by great strength.
A horse is a vain hope for safety;
Neither shall it deliver any by its great strength.”
(Psalm 33:16-17)

Whether armies for kings, strength for mighty men or princes for you, it is all a vain hope. Deliverance is always and only from the Lord, for:

Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him,
On those who hope in His mercy,
To deliver their soul from death,
And to keep them alive in famine.”
(Psalm 33:18-19)

We hope in His mercy, which is to say we hope only in the Lord Himself from whom all mercy flows. He may indeed use an army or a horse. He may indeed give strength to men, but the means He uses are incidental. It is He Himself who provides and in whom we hope. He can just as easily give strength to Samson as He can cause an angel so slay one hundred and eighty-five thousand in a night (2 Kings 19:35). But neither strength nor angels are dispatched apart from Him. Don’t be surprised if after you have put your trust in princes or men that God does not let them fail you to reveal this vanity to you. It is in fact His mercy to do this for you.

Would you care to be happy? Then hope only in the Lord for your help:

Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help,
Whose hope is in the Lord his God”
(Psalm 146:5)

And why?

“[He] made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, [He] keeps truth forever, [He] executes justice for the oppressed, [He] gives food to the hungry. The Lord gives freedom to the prisoners.” (Psalm 146:6-7)

He made the universe and all that is in it. All wisdom is His. All knowledge and strength are His. And would we look to and hope in the creature over and above the Creator? This is to join ranks with wickedness. Even animals appear to know better. There is no wisdom or strength or deliverance apart from God. Every man is dependent upon God for his next breath and his next heartbeat. The sooner we recognize and accept this, the sooner we spare ourselves from unnecessary disappointments and become those who are “happy” as the psalmist says.

So, as you watch chaos emerge, beware of placing hope or trust in any man beyond measure, knowing that there is truly no help in any man for anything. Honor the Lord and recognize Him as your only Hope and the Sovereign Ruler of His footstool we call Earth. Remember that you too are a mere man (or woman) lest you be tempted to hope in or trust in yourself for anything either.

Our God is the God of salvation;
And to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death.”
(Psalm 68:20)

Do not trust in men

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Joshua Chavez

A slave of Christ. My name is Joshua Chavez.

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13 Responses

  1. Laure says:

    Thank you brother for this article. May our Lord continue to strengthen you in His Spirit. Please, be encouraged in this difficult work you are doing for the edification of the saints worldwide, who really want to cling to our Lord till the very end, and who are in huge need of teachers who have refused to compromise their faith for fame and fortune in these perilous times and who can help the saints in their christian walk, in order to become even more Christlike. Thank you again for allowing our Father to use you to help His children. In Christ our Lord, Blessings.

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      I pray you were encouraged. Thank you for the prayers, my friend. They are essential to any good work. May the Lord’s will be done. God bless.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Hi Joshua, I’ve recently come across your site and read your testimony. When reading your testimony, I have much in common with you regarding your Catholic background. Praise God for taking the scales off your eyes and you have become a born-again believer. I know from experience that God brings us down only to raise us up. Personally speaking, if I didn’t reach rock bottom, then I’d never have known how severely I needed Jesus and God’s grace. I’d like to share with you an Evangelist by the name of Rabbi Schneider and his show called, “The Discovering the Real Jewish Jesus.” Here’s a Messianic Jew( not teaching the Jewish roots movement ) Jesus loving, Bible-believing and God-fearing man who I’ve come to learn much from. Here’s a man teaching truth and not living a lie. He makes a modest $200k and works all over the world. I hope you find time to watch him. You won’t find on the net people mocking his teaching or calling him a “ False Pastor “. I encourage you to read his testimony and watch for yourself. May God continue to bless you.

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      Tiffany, firstly I would say that 200K is not “modest” by any standard. Frankly, I’d say that this is exorbitant. Unless one makes this in the private sector, there’s no precedent for ministers of the gospel receiving such an immodest salary. His studio is about as commercial as it gets. Moreover, that he insists on calling himself “Rabbi” as a title or an honorific style, tells me he has either never read Matthew 23 or has failed to understand the very clear command: “They love the best places at feasts, the best seats in the synagogues, greetings in the marketplaces, and to be called by men, ‘Rabbi, Rabbi.’ But you, do not be called ‘Rabbi’; for One is your Teacher, the Christ, and you are all brethren.” (Matt 23:6-8)
      I’ve done an entire video about this:
      But moreover, they tempt people to “Receive an Authentic, Made in Israel, Shofar” if they become a monthly partner. This is sensual and demonic. He said that he heard the AUDIBLE voice of God. He’s an absolute LIAR. This liar comes with curls in his hair with no clue as to why. He deceives people with his vestments. He knows just enough to deceive. DO NOT listen to this liar. His entire website is a massive sales pitch. He never heard the audible voice of God. He’s a twisted liar. He knows enough to deceive people who know less than him. He mixes truth and error. Listen to me and get away.

  3. Christie says:


  4. April M says:

    Thank you for your article but it is a little misleading for me. Both Drumpf (real name; converted Chabad Lubavitch Jew; Jesuit trained) and DeSantis (too many red flags to mention) are TROJAN HORSES!

    I hope you are aware of this! Ron DeSantis is NOT against this scamdemic. He signed into legislation SB 2006 in the summer of 2021. The media reported the passage and made it appear that DeSantis was against vaccinations, lockdowns, passports, etc. but FAILED to investigate what was TRULY buried inside this legislation (or they intentionally did not report this portion in order to keep the false left/right narrative intact).

    The TRUTH of SB 2006 is revealed starting on page 35 of this 42 page bill. If one didn’t know any better, one would think this came straight out of California or New York. But it didn’t. It is from Ron DeSantis. (Or Ron DeScamtis as I refer to him).

    YouTuber High Impact Flix DID pull up the bill and shows the tyrannical power given to the governor and State Health Officers and others (including forced vaccinations, quarantines, lockdowns, etc. pg. 38 for starters). High Impact Flix will show you this and more. He begins by showing you what the media reported.

    Here is the short 10 minute cued clip:
    Here is the link to SB 2006

    Many are being deceived by DeSantis just as they were with Trump. I invite you to view this short video and bill. I was so glad this was passed to me and I am passing it on to you. My hope is that you will share this information with your subscribers.

    In Peace and Love of the Living God through His Son Jesus Christ,

    • Jennifer says:

      I am so glad to see so that sees through DeSantis. When he secretly signed that bill allowing forced vaxxed I knew he was just another puppet.

  5. Gwen says:

    Thank- you for this devotional. May I ask if your testimony is floating around on the internet somewhere? Would love to hear it. I have always known that the “Christian “ leadership was off, but was too mesmerized for many many years to detach from it. After leaving the church I joined a group called Take His Heart based in Wellington KS that I’d found online. They believe that the Manchild is a person ( one of their leaders). ( was involved with this group for 9 years until my son got involved and exposed them. Then they kicked me out. And there you have it. We were also members of Jentezen Franklin’s church before that and many other apostate churches. Anyway, having said all that, I just worship and read the word here at home and do a lot of intercession. I listen to Robert Clancy’s channel on YouTube. Thank-you again for your honesty and courage.

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      Gwen, my testimony is on the website under the “about” section. I’ve never heard of them, but that group sounds very strange. Jentezen Franklin is indeed a liar and a deceiver. Thankfully you’re out of there. I’m not familiar with Rober Clancy, but as with all things, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits whether they are of God. To the extent that you have been built up in the faith through whatever you have found here, I thank the Lord. May that continue by His grace.

  6. Maureen Mayo says:

    This writing was timed perfectly for the start of my yearly fast from January 10 through January 31. In addition to the bible verses provided in this writing, I will incorporate Psalm 1 as the Key to Happiness as well. God Bless this Ministry and I pray that this writing reaches the hearts and souls of many that come across this website.

  7. april says:

    Thank you for sharing the Truth. God put you in front of me on this very day July 29, 2022. I came across Apostasy Report while I was researching the Contemporary Christian Music I had been listening to. After watching/listening to you for hours and hours on Youtube by television today as if I were in a classroom. That is a testimony to your truth teaching not to my ability to sit still for that length of time.
    It brought me to look further into you which brought me here. Again I thank you for learning Gods word properly so that I can continue to discern what I am learning properly. Lastly, I must comment, you only mention your name once in your videos. Its nice to see humbleness.
    I pray for your continued knowledge of the Holy Bible.
    P.S. The last video of yours I watched was on tithing and you looked like you were in a dorm room. You’ve come a long way in your delivery. Nonetheless, it made clear “tithing”. All the other Apostasy Reports were more recent. All good work.


  8. Paula Antionette Pena says:

    Mr. Chavez, I really enjoy your teaching. Where are you? you have no new video’s. Is everything okay? Please let your students on Youtube Know how you are. I am wondering if you’re okay. Thank you sincerely, Paula

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      I am well in the Lord. It is simply a season of silence. Better to wait on the Lord than to run ahead of Him. All in His timing, and all to Him and THROUGH Him or it’s worthless. His work must be done in His way at His time for His glory. A good meditation for us all. God bless.

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