Not By Bread Alone

Not By Bread Alone

devotional picture, servus christi

meditations in god’s word, servus christi

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Joshua Chavez

A slave of Christ. My name is Joshua Chavez.

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  1. Matthew Bradshaw says:

    Joshua, from my very humble spirit, I thank you so much for sharing the truth of your walk with Christ Jesus. While I am sorry that you had to go through the backsliding, the guilt, and the shame of returning to the sin that you put your faith in Christ to forgive you for, it heartens me and strengthens me to know that I am not the only one who put his faith in Christ, asked Him to be Lord of my life, and then fell slowly back into the wickedness, wretchedness, and iniquity that would lead to me being eternally separated from my Heavenly Father, and in utter torment day and night, forever. Me and my family just started to listen to you and Jacob Prasch this Passover Week, 2020. We, and indeed I have learned so much from you in such a short time, I truly believe that God led us to you, because we were in desperate need of true teachers and followers of Yeshua. Again, I thank you and Jacob so much for what you are doing for Christ and His Kingdom. I pray for your continued safety and health, and that of your families and loved ones. Keep on the straight and narrow, and keep fighting the good fight my brother. This true teaching about Our Savior and His Kingdom has meant everything to me. Your humble brother in Christ Jesus, Matthew Jason Bradshaw.

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