A Response to Wretched Radio & Phil Johnson

proclaim 2019 conference

MacArthur Partners With Warren

Look at that picture again. What do you see? You see a group of speakers, sure enough, but what do they all have in common? To anyone who has been a christian for any length of time (and even to most unbelievers) the one thing they all have in common is their purported Christianity. Every speaker on the list claims to be and is presented as a Christian. Roma Downey and Mark Burnett portray and present themselves as Christians. Greg Laurie is a pastor of a massive mega church. Joni Eareckson Tada is a recognized and purported Christian author and speaker. John MacArthur has been a pastor for 50 years. Rick Warren is a pastor of Saddleback Church in California. Yes, it is blatantly obvious to any and everyone that all the listed speakers are purported to be Christians. They are therefore in visible solidarity even on the poster as their common bond is their Christianity. But, is this really a bible conference? Are MacArthur and Warren partnering? Some would have you believe not. Is this merely some “trade show” for “broadcasters” only; some random platform where people in broadcasting come to give talks? Wretched Radio’s Todd Friel and Grace to You’s Phil Johnson have responded as anticipated and this is precisely their defense. They claim the NRB is not a Bible conference. The old Wizard of Oz defense; “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Let’s examine their claim about Proclaim 2019, shall we?

NRB proclaim conference

NRB’s Declaration

“Proclaim” is an annual convention and/or conference put on by the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) and certainly (as the “B” implies) has a focus on the area of broadcasting. Does this mean they are just some generic group of people who love radio? The “R” in the title would indicate otherwise. But just what kind of “Religious” things does this group promote?

John macarthur rick warren

Phil Johnson’s Statement

According to Phill Jonson of Grace to You the Proclaim Conference is simply a “trade show” for a “guild of broadcasters” but that it is “not a spiritual fraternity pushing a doctrinal agenda.” Given that Phil Johnson is to John MacArthur what Thomas Huxley was to Charles Darwin, it comes as no surprise that he would have to defend him by any means necessary. After all, Phil is the editor of MacArthur’s books and an “elder” at his church.
While it is true that this organization is geared toward those in broadcasting (again, as the “B” implies), and Phil clearly says this is “…not a spiritual fraternity” let’s explore the “R” a bit more. What “Religious” doctrine are they pushing? What religious decrees do they make, if any? Is this for every religion; Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, etc?

According to the NRB website, “[our] unity… is founded in the bond we share in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.” This is quite a specific claim and narrows it down for us. This is not merely some amorphous group that champions the generally religious rights to free speech, but one that emphatically declares itself to be of the Christian persuasion. We know this not only by their own words but by their actions.

macarthur warren

MacArthur at NRB Worship Service

All of the speakers invited to fellowship with them under the banner of scripture are not merely some “guild of broadcasters” as Phil Johnson would have you believe but unequivocally purport themselves to be part of evangelicalism. The board of directors includes Bob Lepine, Tony Evans and Ken Ham. This is without question a “spiritual fraternity” though the sycophants at Wretched Radio and Grace to You like to change the rules as they go. So well defined is this “spiritual fraternity” that they have a Statement of Faith. As you will see in points 3, 4 and 7 of this statement of faith (in the link or below), they again assert their unwavering claim to Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ. This is by definition a “spiritual fraternity” despite Phil Johnson’s claims to the contrary. This man is either abysmally ignorant of who and what the NRB is, or he is lying deliberately.

Phil Johnson says in his statement that Grace to You has been a member of NRB for decades. But what does membership entail? Does merely having a radio station qualify one for membership with the NRB? In addition to a well defined Statement of Faith, NRB also has an 8 part Code of Ethics. All NRB members are required to submit to this code of ethics. Gee, this sounds an awful lot like a “spiritual fraternity” and less like some “trade show” doesn’t it? In EVERY one of the 8 points of their Code of Ethics there is a corresponding passage of Scripture to substantiate it, again showing their proclaimed and perceived dedication to the Bible and the Christian faith. They even state that the “Bible [is] the standard by which we must evaluate all beliefs, instruction, policies and practices.” If one didn’t know better they might think this was a church, and according to the definition of Ekklesia that’s precisely what this is; those who anywhere, in a city, village, constitute such a company and are united into one body; an assembly of the people convened at the public place of the council for the purpose of deliberating. They all claim to be “brethren.”

warren macarthur, nrb

NRB Slogan

The president and CEO of the NRB says, “the mission of the NRB is to advance Biblical truth…. expanding opportunities for the Gospel.”Which Gospel is that? The Gospel of Jesus Christ as well defined in both their Statement of Faith and their Code of Ethics. As Phil Johnson equivocates in a desperate attempt to protect his master and likely his paycheck, reality stands strong. This sort of political tactic from both Phil Johnson and Todd Friel is precisely what is seen from the liberal left in politics today. They will invent new standards as they go, contradicting themselves at every turn, because truth is not the objective but rather a targeted agenda. These men are in the business of business and as such they must protect their interests. The inevitable result is what appears to be insanity. They will boldly claim opposing views from day to day if need be to toe the party line. The similarities between the duo of Phil Jonson and Todd Friel and Hillary Clinton are staggering. Let’s explore this.

Todd and Phil have been outspokenly critical of Michael Brown for his “participation” in conferences with heretics; I fully agree with their assessment of Michael Brown. Their friend Justin Peters has also recently taken Michael Brown to task, not for what he says, per se, but for what he refuses to say. Again, I also agree. They are willing to charge Michael Brown with the sin of silence for his involvement with other groups of professed Christians even stating that he is tacitly endorsing them merely by appearing with them. WHOA, COWBOY!!!! (A Friel-ism). How is John MacArthur not tacitly endorsing these heretics by his involvement? We see the double standard clearly; ever unbalanced weights and measures. Hillary and the deranged left use these tactics on a minute by minute basis. One minute all women must be believed, the next minute all of Bill Clinton’s accusers are liars. The similarities are startlingly similar. A headline yesterday (October 9, 2018) read, Hillary: Allegations Against Bill Different Than Ones Against Trump, Kavanaugh.” This is precisely the bizarre double-mindedness being implemented by Wretched Radio, Grace to You and anyone who agrees with them. The allegations are identical.
One of Phil Johnson’s good buddies, filled with the spirit of Diotrephes, and the heart of a salesman (he sells John Calvin T-shirts on his website) is JD Hall from the popular “polemics blog” Pulpit & Pen. All of these men run in the same reformed circle and in the same illogical circle as well which has produced for them all the same dizzying intellect. Mr. Hall, in his assessment of Ronnie Floyd’s presence at an IHOP event with Mike Bickle was as follows,

Even though when Ronnie Floyd went to the microphone he said, ‘this isn’t an endorsement.’ No one heard that… you’re there celebrating with them. No one hears you say ‘this isn’t an endorsement,’ all they see is you on stage. So it is what we call a tacit endorsement.”

Phil Jonson, Todd Friel and Justin Peters have all said nearly identical things concerning Michael Brown as well, but utterly refuse to apply this to John MacArthur. Have they been studying the Clinton Foundation handbook? JD Hall says that despite Ronnie Floyd’s clear statement that he is NOT endorsing them, that his mere presence was enough to classify it as a “tacit endorsement.” Will he ever apply this to John MacArthur? NO! Why? Because he, like the rest of the court jesters running with “Doctrines of Grace” in hand, are consummate hypocrites; little Clinton-esque party loyalists who will do nothing to jeopardize their standing with the party and “will invent theories by which such compromises are justified; even commended.” (Charles Spurgeon quote there)

warren macarthur

NRB Membership

Fellowship vs Evangelism

What constitutes Biblical fellowship? What is the difference between fellowship and evangelism? Many will often appeal to Jesus eating with certain of the Pharisees as a justification for participation in certain ecumenical gatherings, but are these things the same? Did Jesus ever stand in solidarity with the Pharisees giving the impression that he was one with them? No. On the occasions where he ate, it was not in the context of religious worship, but was in their private homes. In Luke 7 a Pharisee named Simon invited Jesus to eat with him. What happened? Anyone remember? Jesus rebuked Simon in his own home. Jesus never stood in solidarity with the Pharisees lest you have forgotten Matthew 23 altogether, but rather rebuked them and warned of their hypocritical leaven. In the times that he interacted with them it was evangelistic in nature or that of scathing rebuke, not the appearance of religious fellowship or commonality. They will say that MacArthur can do more good if he goes there than if he did not. I offer another poignant quote from Charles Spurgeon:

there are many that are deceived by this method of reasoning. They remain where their conscience tells them they ought not to be, because, they say, they are more useful than they would be if they went ‘without the camp.’ This doing evil that good may come, can never be tolerated by an enlightened conscience. If an act of sin would increase my usefulness tenfold, I have no right to do it; and if an act of righteousness would appear likely to destroy all my apparent usefulness, I am yet to do it. It is yours and mine to do the right though the heavens fall, and follow the command of Christ whatever the consequences may be. ‘That is strong meat,’ do you say? Be strong men, then, and feed thereon.” — C.H.S., Sermons, 37, p. 426.

The great difference between evangelism and fellowship is the very appearance itself which is directly tied to the actions. There was no question that Paul was distinct from those he was evangelizing on Mars Hill. There is no question that Peter was distinct from those he was evangelizing on the day of Pentecost. There is no question that Steven was distinct from those he was disputing with in Jerusalem both of the Synagogue of the Freedmen and the council. There is no question that it is impossible to distinguish men as distinct from one another when they are members of the same organization, have submitted to the same Statement of Faith, Code of Ethics and Declaration of Unity, and have their faces plastered next to each other on a promotion of a Christian event in which they are both presumed to be Christians speaking under the banner of Scripture. It is impossible to distinguish John MacArthur as distinct from Rick Warren when he will be partaking with him at a WORSHIP SERVICE among a group of exclusively named Christians. This is fellowship.

warren macarthur

Rick Warren and John Perkins


A Word On Joshua Chavez and Jacob Prasch

In a desperate attempt to deflect from the issues, Todd and Phil offered their usual speculative nonsense; the art of misdirection. This is the business of con-artistry and magicians. Phil and Todd don’t have a leg to stand on between the two so they throw glitter into the air instead of engaging with reality. They implied that nobody knows my name and that I’m some anonymous character. Just because I don’t stamp my name on study bibles like their idol, Mr. MacArthur doesn’t mean I’m anonymous in any sense. My name is Joshua Chavez; it has always been Joshua Chavez. They know this is my name and it is readily available on this blog and in videos on the YouTube channel.

As for Jacob Prasch; he can defend himself and likely will, but I do find it curious that Phil Johnson refers to him as a “theological pugilist” when his own friend and ministry partner, JD Hall had to apologize for his role in the eventual suicide of the late Braxton Caner. Hall relentlessly bullied this 15 year old kid who eventually killed himself. Quite frankly, JD Hall is a little boy with an idolatry problem. While he apologized after the fact and said he was “broken” Hall’s antics haven’t changed at all. Janet Mefford confronted JD Hall in a November 2017 article that she had taken down 2 years prior. Here’s what she said:

Hall returned to Twitter after a long online hiatus and began insulting and abusing more Christians in a manner similar to that which my husband and I experienced. I informed him that if he did not stop insulting and abusing other Christians online, I would repost this article. Because Hall continued his attacks, I am following through on my promise. It is unconscionable that a pastor would treat anybody — much less other Christians — in such a despicable manner.”

Macarthur and Warren

Johnson and Hall

For Phil Johhson to accuse anyone of theological pugilism while maintaining company with the likes of JD Hall who was proven to be a double-minded liar by this author, is comical. He and JD Hall are good buddies. Bad company corrupts good morals, but in this case I’m not sure who corrupted who. Never mind the fact that Todd Friel attempts to resurrect his failed stand-up comedy career every day on air to entertain the masses while making jokes out of issues that demand sobriety. On that note, Phil’s other friend Chris Rosebrough made a video response using excrement and fart noises to cover for the fact that he’s about as empty headed as his comrades. Every episode of Rosebrough’s “fighting for the faith” he does his best to entertain with jokes (like Todd).

Moriel Ministries and Jacob Prasch do significant work with AIDS babies in Arica and orphans in the third world. He primarily engages in teaching Christians all over the world (quite literally), and he is proficient in Hebrew and reads Greek as well. I can’t say the same for any of the aforementioned jokers who look more like they’re vying for a spot on the hit show “Last Comic Standing.”
Why is Phil mad at Jacob? Because Jacob confronted his idol John MacArthur on his heretical teaching that people can take the mark  of the beast and still be saved. Phil never responds with substance; he wouldn’t know where to find it.



macarthur warren

NRB Statement of Faith


Now back to the Christian Proclaim conference. The claim is that NRB is not a bible conference and that it is some unique gathering merely of a “guild of broadcasters” so let’s compare Proclaim to some other well known conferences that are undisputed as Christian gatherings.

TOGETHER FOR THE GOSPEL John MacArthur has been a member of the Together for the Gospel conference for the past 12 years. This is hosted by Al Mohler (also a friend of Rick Warren) and includes men such as Mark Dever, David Platt and John Piper. What is the defining mission of T4G? According to their website they have a list of 18 “Affirmations and Denials” that could rightly be classed as a Statement of Faith. If you recall NRB has 8 points on their statement of faith and 8 points on their code of conduct.
They also state that they are “committed to standing together for the main thing-the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

NRB says, “[we] declare our unity of purpose in fulfilling the Great Commission given by our Savior and King.”
Sounds identical.

G3 CONFERENCE – Organized by Josh Buice regularly hosting men like Phil Johnson, Todd Friel, John Piper and David Platt, they affirm on their website, “The mission of the G3 Conference is to educate, encourage, and equip for the work of ministry and for the glory of God. Our mission is built upon the foundation of the holy Scriptures and upheld by three pillars – gospel, grace, and glory.”

NRB says, “The NRB International Christian Media Convention is a jam-packed, four-day event that connects, equips, and edifies thousands of Christian communicators.” and “National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is a unique gathering of people, united by purpose and message: to proclaim the Good News of eternal life through Jesus Christ; to transform culture through the application of sound biblical teaching.”
Sounds identical.

SHEPHERD’S CONFERENCE – Hosted by John MacArthur himself and Grace Community Church, let’s view their mission statement:
“The mission of the Shepherds’ Conference is to provide the opportunity for men in church leadership to be challenged in their commitment to biblical ministry and to find encouragement together as servants of the chief Shepherd.

says, “Christian communicators coming together to spread the life-changing Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through every electronic medium available.” and “We must never lose sight of the fact that our first priority as ambassadors for Christ is to speak about Him – to clearly articulate the Gospel message of redemption and reconciliation.
Sounds identical.

judge not phil johnson

Judge Not Conference

Now we’ll take a look at the conference Michael Brown and Ronnie Floyd were critiqued for attending;
IHOP “One Thing” CONFERENCE – Hosted by Mike Bickle and regularly including people like Todd White, Francis Chan and Jesus Culture (from Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church) they say, “In the midst of our schedule, we are intentionally asking God for divine interruptions, and we are not publishing speakers or worship teams. Rather than exalting human personalities and celebrity voices, we are deliberately re-centering around the consuming reality of Jesus—His agenda for planet Earth and His ownership of those four days in December.
What is of interest here is the very clear lack of definition. There is NO Statement of Faith; NO Code of Ethics; NO Declaration of Unity; NO defined Mission Statement and yet, everyone is well aware of the very clear appearance and purporting to be a Christian organization within the evangelical spectrum.
If this conference is less defined than the Proclaim Conference then why did Friel, Johnson, Peters et. al. criticize Michael Brown and Ronnie Floyd for attending but ignore MacArthurs involvement in NRB? NRB’s definition in Christian affirmations is on par with most of the churches affiliated with these men.


Macarthur warren

NRB Who We Are


What do we have in the NRB? We have a very well defined Christian organization that has its own Statement of Faith (which members must adhere to), its own Code of Ethics (which member must adhere to) and even a Declaration of Unity. We’ll look at that shortly. This is not simply some “trade show” or “guild of broadcasters” but a group of people united in their declaration of Jesus and therefore their solidarity with one another. Among those MacArthur will be partaking with during this assembly of purported “christian” brothers and sisters are Rick Warren and Devon Franklin; an ecumenical pope-loving heretic and a friend and partner of Joel Osteen, not to mention Roma Downey and Mark Burnett who are Catholic mystics. WHOA COWBOY!!! (the Friel-ism), you mean to tell me that Rick Warren and John MacArthur have professed unity? YES! According to the NRB’s own Declaration of Unity that is EXACTLY what they must do to maintain membership with the NRB:
“We, the members of the National Religious Broadcasters, acknowledging that our mutual relationships are rooted in the bond we share in Jesus Christ… And in the strength of that unity, we commit ourselves to the declarations that follow.”
“We remember our responsibility to refrain from overly dwelling on secondary matters – those that tend to divide even the household of faith – focusing rather on the message of redemption wrought by Christ Jesus on the cross.

The verbiage of “we” and “our” is enough to bring charges of solidarity, but the verbiage of “unity” and “bond” are the nail in the coffin. This is without question a Christian organization that is united in one thing; the belief in and promotion of the Bible and Jesus. Given this, we must now evaluate the soundness of the organization for “what have [we] to do with judging those outside?” (1 Corinthians 5:12). All the members of the organization have declared a “bond” and “unity” with Rick Warren (a pope-loving ecumenical heretic), Roma Downey (A Catholic mystic) and Devon Franklin (buddy of Joel Osteen). To say that John MacArthur isn’t partnering with Rick Warren would be to reinvent the affirmation of the organization itself which nobody has the prerogative to do and which would be false witness.

Joni on the NRB

By their own declarations, they are united. Just read Joni Eareckson Tada’s statement about NRB. According to her the members of NRB are “like-minded” people. This is far from anomalous but rather axiomatic to anyone with a pulse. This organization is for “Christians” by “Christians” and more well defined that most other conferences that purport to be Christian. They are united together for the cause of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which means they are all gathered in His name under the banner of Scripture which would make this fellowship and nothing short of it. As we ought to know the “unity” spoken of in Ephesians chapter 4 is a unity that is rooted in The Holy Spirit and in truth. Any unity that does not have truth and spirit as the basis of it is a false unity and a “unity” that even the mentors of these men like Martyn Lloyd Jones and Charles Spurgeon would decry. In fact, not only would they; they have.


Whatever this unity is we can say this about it; it must be theological; it must be doctrinal; it must be based upon an understanding of the truth.” (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

According to Lloyd-Jones (and rightly) there is no biblical unity which is not rooted in theology, doctrine and truth. But, according to the NRB all of its members have unity and and bond together, which would include John MacArthur and Rick Warren. The visible showing of unity and solidarity in Christ’s name with those in error, whether doctrinal or moral is expressly forbidden per 1 Corinthians 5:11, 2 John 11, Ephesians 5:11, etc. Not only is it forbidden in scripture but was condemned by the MacArthur Camp’s own hero of the faith, Charles Spurgeon:

It is our solemn conviction that where there can be no real spiritual communion there should be no pretense of fellowship. Fellowship with known and vital error is participation in sin.” (C.H.S., November 1887, The Sword and the Trowel.)

and again,

That I might not stultify my testimony, I have cut myself clear of those who error from the faith, and even from those who associate with them.” — C.H.S., October 1888.

Spurgeon even cut himself clear from those who associated with those who erred from the faith, but John MacArthur joins them directly. He is a member of an organization with Rick Warren, the same Rick Warren who in March of 2018 at the proclaim conference called for unity with Catholics as well. This is nothing new for the man who says, “If you love Pope Francis, you’ll love Jesus.” MacArthur is preaching at the WORSHIP SERVICE. Whatever the sequence of events may be, know that those who are invited are presumed to be united with each other and moving with one accord. Todd Friel himself says of Michael Brown,

brown, macarthur, warren

Michael Brown

“…he participates in conferences with these folks… it seems to me, Michael is these people.” 
and again,
“he’s right next to Randy Clark… look, if I do a conference I know who’s in the green room. I know what’s going on out there. I know what these folks are about…. When you do things like this it’s because you group them together because they’re in the same vein.”

Todd said this about the conference poster. Now when John MacArthur is right next to Rick Warren he attempts to divert from the problem by appealing to court jester joking tactics. This scenario is identical to that of Michael Brown. If Brown is indictable for appearing next to Randy Clark on a poster and being lumped in because he “participates in conferences” with them, then so too is John MacArthur indictable for appearing with Rick Warren on a poster and “participating” in a conference with him. There is simply no escaping this.

To put it bluntly, if NRB is not a bible conference, there is nothing on earth that can be rightly called by that name. It is a gathering of named Christians who have submitted themselves to a Statement of Faith and a Code of Ethics as well as a Delcaration of Unity an as such are part of a body of fellowship together. They are publicly declaring their unity and solidarity in Jesus’ name for the advancement of the Gospel and the very clear message is that they are united together.

John MacArthur and Rick Warren

Kay Arthur on NRB

Even if this weren’t the case, according to Peters and Hall, mere presence would be enough to qualify as a tacit endorsement. What is NRB all about? According to Kay Arthur and the NRB itself, it’s all about the Bible. This would make Phil Jonson a liar. The central theme and focus of the organization and conference is the Bible and the advancement of Biblical truth. This makes John MacArthur a partner with Rick Warren and by Todd Friel’s own standard, John MacArthur “Is these people.”



Todd Friel: “Rick Warren Not A Heretic”

rick warren and catholics

Rick Warren at NRB Procalim 2018

In an attempt to defend a man (Johnny Mac) whom Todd is said to “fangirl” over (Wretched’s words, not mine) he said what is unthinkable to anyone including his honest listeners. While in damage control for Pope Johnny Mac Friel says,

Is [Rick Warren] a heretic? No… No. Go ahead and grill him. On penal substitutionary atonement; he’s there…. is he your cup of tea? Probably not. Is he a heretic? No. Whoa Cowboys.”

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.
The same Rick Warren who says, “If you love Pope Francis you’ll love Jesus” is NOT a heretic according to Todd Friel.
The same Rick Warren who says, “To go to hell you have to do almost the impossible.” is NOT a heretic according to Todd Friel.
The same Rick Warren who says, “Maher Hathout (Muslim) is a genius; he’s a dear friend of mine.” is NOT a heretic according to Todd Friel.
The same Rick Warren who says, “You can walk hand in hand without seeing eye to eye.” is NOT a heretic according to Todd Friel.
The same Rick Warren who says to Catholics, “If you love Jesus, we’re on the same team.” Is NOT a heretic according to Todd Friel.
The same Rick Warren who went to the Vatican to preach alongside an antichrist Pope and shower him with praise and adoration; the same Rick Warren who propagates his antichrist agenda P.E.A.C.E. plan.
The same Rick Warren whom Todd Friel’s own friend Justin Peters calls a false teacher? Wow, Todd. You’ve really dropped the ball this time. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, Todd Friel publicly proclaims that Rick Warren is not a heretic and says he’s merely not his “cup of tea”
This is irreparably bad and the direct result of idolatry.

I leave you with this and urge you to do the same as Charles Spurgeon did here; come out from among them:

“The day will come when those who think they can repair a house which has no foundations will see the wisdom in quitting it altogether. All along we have said that to come out from association with questionable doctrines is the only possible solution of a difficulty which, however it may be denied, is not to be trifled with by those who are conscious of its terrible reality.” — C.H.S., The Sword and the Trowel, July 1889.



Below is the NRB’s own Declaration of Unity


macarthur Warren

Declaration of Unity



If the NRB is not a Bible conference, then nothing is a Bible conference. If the NRB is not a perceived and purported gathering of Christians, then nothing is. If the NRB is not gathering under the guise of Christian fellowship and solidarity, then nobody is. This group is well defined and in declared unity with one another. Those who are united are partners;
1. a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits.

John MacArthur will be undertaking with Rick Warren in a “business” with shared risks and/or profits as two who are subject to a common declaration of unity, code of ethics and statement of faith; therefore, John MacArthur IS partnering with Rick Warren until or unless he removes himself from this group and apologizes publicly.

But we now have the added dilemma of Todd Friel publicly asserting that Rick Warren is NOT a heretic. WHOA, COWBOY!


nrb proclaim warren macarthur

Proclaim 2019 speakers

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60 Responses

  1. Lukewarmnomore says:

    Very very good nailed it can’t wait to see your next video thank you very much new one on Greg Laurie to he’s going south they’re all going south if there is a dispensation this is the dispensation of the Antichrist’s

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      God bless. I pray you were encouraged and emboldened to some degree.
      In Christ,

      • Coral Hahn says:

        Josh! I am concerned about you. You claim to be a brother in Christ and tho you have some very informative thorough things such as Calvary Chapel…your comment on Stephen Baldwin was not fair nor right. I’ve met him in person. He is a different personality than perhaps you or I but he is going though a rough battle especially with Haley involved witH beiber. They need your prayers. Not your criticism. I know David Heavener was called to go to NRB to call out to those who attend to get the word out about the work for the Lord He is doing. I met some sweet hearted attendees and those in the booth hall sharing about the ministries theyve been entrusted with or work for. Shame on you Josh! Remember the verse in Romans 10:6-9. Shame on you. You’re ceasing to strengthen the brethren who are at a different and earlier point in their walk and shredding people instead of the spiritual strongholds.

        • Joshua Chavez says:

          Just because you met him does not make him sound. Steven Baldwin appears on CBN, TBN, KLOVE, and is friends with the Joel Osteen defending Eric Metaxas. Real Christians would never appear on these apostate shows. The NRB welcomes heretics and Catholics and as such is an ecumenical brood of degeneracy. The only reason to go there would be to rebuke those who organized it and invited enemies of Christ under the pretense of them being brothers and sisters. Shame on you for defending such practices instead of rebuking them that others might be spared from them.

  2. Ben says:

    Josh look up the SING 2018 conference Sept 10-12 in Nashville,TN

    John MacArthur
    Tim Keller
    Tripp Lee
    Ravi Zackarias

    And others

  3. Shaun Capaldo says:

    Keep up the good work Joshua. I am always delighted, but sometimes dismayed every time I see a new video on your YouTube channel alert on my phone. JMac’s decline has been very visible for some time, and this conference brought my misgivings about Charles Stanley to the light. Thank you for your work my brother in Christ. It would be good to fellowship in this life, and if that does not happen, it will be better to unite in glory before our Lord God almighty in His full victory over darkness and sin. Keep in the faith, fight the good fight, and do not grow weary. You are a sharpened tool of Christ, and an inspiration to me.

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      Thank you for the encouragement. Your comments to others in opposition are encouraging as well. We all fight together my friend.
      God bless you and keep you.
      In Christ,

  4. laurie says:

    Here’s more on Friel’s claim Warren isn’t a false teacher – https://surphside.blogspot.com/2018/10/friel-says-warren-isnt-false-teacher.html

    May the Lord give you strength to stand the opposition of the ‘fans’ of these false teachers, heretics, apostates, wolves.

  5. Many years ago I came across Todd Friel. At the time I really liked him. In time his approached began to wain on me. I’m not against humor. I believe a merry heart is a happy heart. I did however began to see Todds “humorous approach” as manipulated. That is to say – an effort is made to be funny – instead of just being funny and happy. I believe you cannot drag the worlds systems into evangelizing. It simply looks “worldy”. I could go on about Todd.. but.. to JM. I used to like listening to John. I once heard Todd joke about John being the “pope” of Protestants. When I heard that – something gave me pause. One day while listening to a sermon on Luke by John M, he said that teaching the book of Luke would take 5 years – or longer! I thought that was weird because – in comparison – I had learned so much from JV McGee as he taught the entire Bible in 5 years (I’ve been on 4 Bible Bus rides so far). I wonder what McGee would say about all this?

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      Unfortunately there are many contrivances at humor and/or entertainment these days. Men are more concerned with pandering to an audience than pandering to God and allowing Him to work in the hearts of men. They desire to build a following for themselves rather than to let God build His church. Todd Friel and Chris Rosebrough do much of the same thing. They try to present themselves as “funny” and “engaging” and it shows that they are trying. Todd is cringe-worthy at this point with his overly contrived “zaniness” and “whacky” antics. He may as well blow into a kazoo after every punch line. It’s ridiculous. Men like McGee would balk at this nonsense and shun it; men like Ravenhill would rebuke them for being worldly; men like Spurgeon would tell them to stop using his name. They are the modern day pharisee; except that even the pharisees didn’t conduct themselves like court jesters. Leave it to men who should know better to pioneer christian entertainment in the name of “orthodoxy”
      Sad times, indeed.
      God bless

      In Christ,
      Servus Christi

  6. Ralph Jansen says:

    Perhaps if you were to look at the name of the website, and read about the event, you will see that it is a convention and not a conference. Website: http://nrbconvention.org/about/new-to-convention/
    It actually says convention in the name of the website. Hmm…is it a conference or a convention? It also explains that it is about what you say it isn’t about. Have you actually contacted the NRB directly to address your problems, or to define terms for you. (In this case…convention)

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      You can call it a “shindig” if you’d like. Frankly, it’s irrelevant. You are desperately trying to deflect from the FACT that John MacArthur will be partnering in fellowship with Rick Warren at a gathering that has as it’s slogan “Advancing Biblical Truth” and organization that has its own statement of faith and whose members all adhere to it and their Declaration of Unity with each other. This is not some random “convention” but a gathering of people who name themselves as “Christian” and who are decidedly perceived as such. To have any dealings with heretics under these conditions is expressly forbidden in the New Testament and could only be defended by one who was either biblically illiterate or a deceiver. Which one are you?
      I pray you are ignorant, for then you may be able to be instructed. I don’t need to contact an organization who has literally dozens of statements about its professed Christianity and mission of biblical advancement and gospel proclamation. To unite with any heretic in a gathering that is named as such is to partake in their evil deeds (2 John 9-11). Please reread this very thorough article that is jam packed with overwhelming empirical data that establish this organization as on par with most churches in its formality of Christian proclamation.

    • Archie says:

      The SBC is the Southern Baptist Convention. Christianity has a long history of redefining words. Church, sanctuary and alter are a few that come to mind. For the most part this may be the blind leading the blind. Jesus sheep hear His voice and follow Him.

  7. Laurie says:

    What difference does it make WHAT you call it?!?! ? JMac is a hypocrite, here are his own words concerning false teachers- But in the meantime, we must silence them. How’re we going to do that? Let me suggest three ways. Number one, we silence them by revoking their right to teach or speak. We can silence them by revoking their right to speak. That is to say, we give them no platform. We give them no opportunity. We take away the privilege of teaching. Scripture always shows us how God protects His people from the teaching of error. He never desires that they be exposed to it in the name of “equal time,” or in the name of “open mindedness,” or in the name of “academia and scholarship.” We can silence them by giving them no place to speak.
    We can silence them by taking away their platform. We don’t do that in our day. We put them on radio. We put them on TV. We publish their books. We let them have rallies in our churches. We propagate their tapes.
    Listen carefully. If those who teach truth live unholy lives, they contribute to the chaos. Because the question is going to come, “If you’re so right, why are you so messed up? If this is the Word of God, why are you the way you are?” So, you don’t put false teachers on a platform. You don’t give them a class in college or seminary. You don’t give them a Sunday school class. You don’t give them a Bible study. You don’t put them on radio, television, or publish their books. You silence them. And policing this problem is really the work of the elders in the church.
    I was sitting on a stool one Easter Sunday afternoon a few years back, and I was having a conversation with Paul Moyer. They were doing a special Easter television program, and the well-known anchorman here in Los Angeles, Paul Moyer, and I were conversing and he was talking about Easter. They were doing this special emphasis on Easter Sunday. And it was at the very time when the Bakker scandals were flourishing. And there were a number of other things that had been brought to light in terms of religious charlatanism. And I will never forget what he said to me. He said to me, “John,” he said, “I just want to ask you a question. You don’t agree with all of this? You don’t think it represents what you believe, these kind of scandalous things. Why don’t you police your movement?”

    And my immediate answer was – which was on camera – “I’m not in charge of it. I can’t control it. But what I can police, I must police. You understand that? It may not go beyond the walls of my church or it may. I spend a lot of my time in ministry related to this church, but I spend at least an equal amount of my time beyond this church confronting error on other fronts.
    True pastors and elders are above reproach as God’s stewards, they are “not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not addicted to wine, not pugnacious, not fond of sordid gain.” On the other hand, false teachers are self-willed, quick-tempered, addicted to wine, pugnacious, and they love money. They are not hospitable; they don’t love what is good; they are not sensible; they are not righteous; they’re not devout; and they’re not self-controlled; and they don’t handle the Word right. There’s the contrast. And I think it’s that contrast, is sort of all-inherent in that statement in verse 11 that they do what they do for the sake of sordid gain. They’re the opposite of God’s chosen leaders. They’re in it for the money. False teachers are all in it for the money, except for a few fanatical, deranged lunatics. False teachers will quit doing what they do when the money runs out. That’s what they’re in it for. If there’s no money, there’s no point in doing it. It’s all designed to pander their own appetites, to feed them money.” from https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/56-10/men-who-must-be-silenced-part-1

    So, by JMac’s OWN standards, he now contradicts his own words by sharing a stage, regardless of the event ‘title’, with heretics and false teachers. What does that make him? Easy… it makes him one of them. His own appetite for lots of $$ is fed by his ‘fans’ who defend his unbiblical actions and teachings; sinners who follow JMac and NOT Christ. Following mortal, sinful men will always lead one down the broad road that leads to destruction, because they are not following the One they should be following. Refusing to see error means you are not a good Berean and you do not possess the God given gift of discernment. John MacArthur is a hypocrite who does the SAME things he accuses others of doing — teaches falsely, sells his ‘wares’ and makes LOTS of money doing it, and shares a stage with like minded men and women. Christ warned us in Matthew 24:4 of men like JMac, ‘take heed that NO MAN DECEIVE YOU’. Praise God His true elect will NOT succumb to the likes of JMac and his ‘inner circle’ of evil friends.

  8. Patrick O'Callaghan says:

    In the UK John Mac, C. Stanley & even a prosperity teacher – C Dollar – teaches every night on a ecumenical Christian radio station – ‘Premier’; it amounts to the same thing. Jacob P. Formerly taught on Revelation TV, at the same time Joyce Meyer also taught on it. On Nov 10th Jacob shares a platform in scotland with ecumenical teacher, David Noakes. So you giving A 100% endorsement to Jacob on F/b, AND your job with Moriel? DOUBLE STANDARDS! DUPLICITY!

    • J says:

      Servus, What is your response your response to this? Your guilty by approval!! Beware of this man Servus who is totally unresponsive and unrepentant to correction and his own hypocrisy!! False teachers have no intentions of Repentance because they are blind to the truth and cannot see their own hypocrisy (Zechariah 7:11-12
      But they refused to hearken, and pulled away the shoulder, and stopped their ears, that they should not hear.
      Yea, they made their hearts as an adamant stone, lest they should hear the law, and the words which the Lord of hosts hath sent in his spirit by the former prophets: therefore came a great wrath from the Lord of hosts).
      For someone to make some truthful points does not validate them. This Servus seems to be in contempt of basically every other teacher besides himself and his partner Jacob Prasch. Servus has been confronted with his duplicity many times through his you tubes videos and elsewhere with no Repentance whatsoever! You can claim you calling out apostasy but your not because you’d be calling out yourself based upon your ownninterpretation of scripture!
      Are you double-minded? I think your confused Servus?

      If you look on you tube Servus does not respond when he is rebuked of his duplicity. He only resplies to affirmations or to defend himself. He never responds when he is rebuked of his own duplicity and hypocrisy. Very telling!
      This guy seems to be in contempt of everyone else and calls it dicernment and exposing apostasy but he fails to even mention that most of teachers he is “exposing” are Calvanists which is definitely an error issue to seperate from someone. John 3:16 exposes calvanism and coditional eternal security!

      I have yet to see where this guy acknowledged his duplicity and hypocrisy and repent of it. On multiple occasions many have asked him to repent of his hypocrisy and pointed out his duplicity of his own guilty by approval but Servus seems to have never even considered it. Very troubling! Why is this? Is it because everyone else is wrong and you are tge onky one that is right?
      Servus probably thinks that he is being persecuted because he is exposing apostasy but this is false! Servus has been rebuked of his duplicity many times with unresponsiveness! These people are exposing his duplicity but he either is willfully beligerant to the truth of the matter or is deceived and can’t see it. Servus may also have unrepentant sin in his life which would explain his attitude towards other people?
      Servus are you afraid that you will lose your salvation if you happen to be a conference with someone who happened to be at a conference with someone 10 years ago who happened to be at a conference with a questionable teacher 5 years ago etc…
      Servus what is your testimony and what do you teach about salvation?

      Servus believes you can lose your salvation which is actually a lack of faith in Jesus and a confident trust in himself. To me believing that you can lose your salvation is definitely heresy! Repent Servus and trust in the cross alone and Jesus redeeming work on the cross as payment for ALLl of your sins and just not some sins?
      Servus recommends Jacob Prasch and Zac Poonen who believe you can lose your salvation. If this were true then salvation is no longer grace and no longer a gift but salvation of works by having to keep it. Repent of this heresy!
      And just in anticipation of any response; my testimony is John 3:16 and what I teach about salvation is John 3:16, 1 cor 15: 3-5, eph 2:8-9. Your saved by faith alone. Was the thief on the cross or the philippian jailer told to forsake their sibs to be saved? No!. Repentance is simply a change of mind and belief is trusting in Jesus sacrifice on the cross for the payment for your sins!
      This Servus will either not respond because he’s guilty or if he does he will dodge and deflect from the issue and spin it!
      In my opinion Mark and avoid this Servus!

      • Joshua Chavez says:


        According to God’s Word, it is possible to:

        let the things which you have heard slip (Heb. 2:1)
        go astray (Mt. 18:12,13)
        err from the faith (1 Tim. 6:10,21)
        err from the faith and overthrow the faith of others (2 Tim. 2:18)
        lose your savour (saltiness) (Lk. 14:34,35)
        be offended by Jesus (Mt. 11:6; Mk. 14:27,29)
        fall away from grace (Gal. 5:4)
        believe for awhile but in time of temptation fall away (Lk. 8:13)
        be offended, betray one another and hate one another (Mt. 24:10)
        have your faith shipwrecked (1 Tim. 1:19)
        turn back and no longer follow Jesus (Jn. 6:66)
        forsake the right way and go astray (2 Pet. 2:15)
        stop abiding in Christ and as a branch, be withered and thrown away (Jn. 15:6)
        be offended (Jn. 16:1)
        turn aside after Satan (1 Tim. 5:15)
        depart from the faith, having your conscience seared with a hot iron (1 Tim. 4:1-2)
        turn your ears away from the truth and turn unto fables (2 Tim. 4:4)
        acquire an evil heart of unbelief and depart from the living God (Heb. 3:12)
        fall away to the point where you can’t be renewed to repentance (Heb. 6:6)
        refuse Him that speaketh from heaven (Heb. 12:25)
        become lukewarm and get spit out of the body of Christ (Rev. 3:15,16)
        not remain faithful and be hurt by the second death (Rev. 2:10,11)
        have God take away your part from the tree of life and in the holy city (Rev. 22:19)
        be led away with the error of the wicked and fall from your steadfastness (2 Pet 3:17)
        be carried away by all kinds of strange doctrines (Heb. 13:9)
        be destroyed after being saved (Jude 1:5)


        • T. Schmidt says:

          I don’t think Joshua or Jacob believe that you can lose your salvation. As a matter of fact they both believe that once saved always saved however it’s not unconditional! I also believe that once your saved you are always saved as long as you abide in Christ and hold steadfast in your faith that Jesus is the One and Only true Savior! What they do believe, as I now understand, is that a person has a choice to walk away from that salvation that was freely given to them. And sadly that is the great apostasy or falling away.

          • Joshua Chavez says:

            T. Schmidt,
            Correct assessment. God bless.

          • K.K.C. says:

            Ok. I hope I got this right? I’ve always said that once saved always saved is not true. Perhaps I have stated this in a too simplistic sense. And if I have then I Stand corrected. Analogy: A car manufacturer promises a warranty on a brand new car. Hence, if the buyer alters the engine of his new car in order to make it go faster and then finds out the next day it just simply doesn’t run. He then goes to the dealership to have it fixed. He is then told by the dealership that the warranty is now null and void because he has altered the engine. He has ‘NOT’ lived up to the conditions of the warranty. I guess it’s the same thing with Salvation. God honors his warranty or Salvation. But we do have to abide by the conditions…or else!! Perhaps I do need to start paying more attention to nuance and clarity?!? Please, somebody tell me if I’ m getting this correct. If I’m not getting it right- help me to get it right. I’m all ears! ‘IF’ I got it right my hat is off to T. Schmidt for helping me to understand. Perhaps the right way for me to say it is that once saved always saved is true, but in fact that there are conditions by which we ‘must’ abide.

          • Ren says:

            Ezekiel 36.
            1 Peter 1:1-4
            Philippians 2:13
            A True saved is empowered by God Himself, caused by God himself both to will and to do his good pleasures.
            According to this few passages and verses I believed that once God has granted man salvation has given him new heart and new spirit he has no choice to walk away but to walk in obedience in Christ Jesus.

            It is not a forceful walking though but it is with joy.

            Hopefully we will not point fingers on who’s who is who according to our own but let it be in accordance to the Word of God. It would be more edifying if, this forum is more on the Gospel of Christ.

            As Paul says in Philippians 1:15-18 (ESV)
            15 Some indeed preach Christ from envy and rivalry, but others from good will. 16 The latter do it out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. 17 The former proclaim Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely but thinking to afflict me in my imprisonment. 18 What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice.”

            As long as they are preaching the Christ crucified, who are we to judge?
            If we are too concern with those people being” heretics” why don’t we confront them one on one since they are saying they are of Christ.
            They will listen if they are of Christ but if not then they are not of Christ and not of us.

            Blessings, Glory be to God alone!!

        • Vermin Bravado says:

          this a great list of verses to back up the argument biblically, you ever notice how NO ONE EVER REFERS TO THEMSELVES AS AN APOSTATE. Not once, not ever. Interesting to say the least. Self deception is at the core of apostasy

  9. Patrick O'Callaghan says:

    You are right about JD Hall – he banned me for mentioning his T shirts were an affront to RC’s. He was promoting, the protestant bully, William of Orange.
    I am afraid ”the church” is a rotten as a medlar fruit – i found that out yrs ago. I don’t know of a sound teacher or leader living today. all have huge ego’s and hidden holes …they wont admit
    Get used to it, or be isolated, or else join an insular Christian commune/group

  10. Holly says:

    The Janet Mefford link did not go through

  11. Jacob Chavez, you have pricked my conscience more than once as I have listened to you! I thank you for that! Christians in general have compromised and our consciences have been seared by living in a godless culture and being influenced by it! Our Christian leaders, pastors have lowered the bar instead of holding to the truth in obedience to Christ!! Tolerance is the new idol and feelings have replaced obedience and the end justifies the means, sad to say! Thank you for confronting error with truth and raising the bar! Your like a good dose of strong medicine! I for one appreciate you!!

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      It’s Joshua, not Jacob.
      I’m blessed and encouraged to see that you have been edified by what you have found here. 1 Corinthians 4:7 is at play and we should always be grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness. Any gift given to any person is a gift to the whole body. Insofar as you have been edified, I am mutually encouraged with you and the Lord is to be praised. I pray you are emboldened to stand firm in the face of error and firm on Christ our Rock come wind or rain. He is our guiding light and our only hope. Fix your eyes on Him and never let Him go. God bless. Philippians 1:6-9

      • Ashley says:

        She thanks you for a job well done and you can only point out that she got your name incorrect? Wow.

        • Joshua Chavez says:

          The comment was amended. I’m not sure why it came out with only that bit. I believe I had begun to answer that comment at some point and got distracted before finishing. I do try to humor all that is said. Nevertheless, it is right as of now. Thank you.

  12. Jeff Erickson says:

    Joshua, I do not wish to judge in error, so I am open to and invite your correction regarding my understanding of your Biblical interpretation and convictions. You seem to be a follower of John Darby’s (and others) Dispensational teachings and at the same time an admirer of the Biblical teachings of C.H. Spurgeon. This must create incredible cognitive dissonance for you and seems to be an untenable position. Please explain. Of course, you will know that Darby and Spurgeon were contemporaries. Spurgeon was already established as one of the greatest Biblical teachers in the English speaking world when Darby was organizing his couple hundred member Plymouth Brethern cult under his newly devised heretical Dispensational teachings. Before you ‘blow your fuse’ over these comments, please remember or investigate that these were the exact assessments of the ‘Prince of Preachers’, Mr. Spurgeon, regarding Darby and his ‘cult/church’. You are aware of or will find Spurgeon’s extensive writings over many years, regarding Darby and his newly created Dispensationalism, in which Spurgeon specifically condemned Dispensationalism as heracy and the Plymouth Brethern as a cult? Yes? With that assumption/fact in mind, I ask you, “How do you resolve your submission to the Biblical teachings of both Spurgeon & Darby?” It is an untenable position as they are in direct contradiction, and as highlighted, Spurgeon rightly labeled Dispensationalism as heracy. Your website and YouTube channel are filled with the criticism of other Biblical teachers, which is not a problem. However, and maybe it is just my limited review of your sites, there seems to be little revelation of the specifics of the Biblical doctrine that you espouse. Please do not refer me to the ‘thumbnail sketch’ of your Our Beliefs section. This question of mine regarding Spurgeon’s assessment of Darby, his cult/church, and heretical teachings will provide the details I am seeking. Grace & Peace to you.

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      You said,
      “You seem to be a follower of John Darby’s (and others) Dispensational teachings…” Before you go any further, please substantiate this and elaborate in what way exactly I have ever aligned with Darby.
      Then please note your historical ignorance regarding the Plymouth Brethren and Charles Spurgeon. Yes, Spurgeon was a contemporary of Darby and did denounce him primarily due to his sectarianism not merely his dispensationalism as you ignorantly or deceptively espouse. But Muller was also their contemporary and a man whom Spurgeon proclaimed was a “man of God” with “mighty faith” and guess what? Muller was also part of the Plymouth Brethren. Your ignorant or deceptive statement makes it sound like Spurgeon was opposed to the whole organization, but No! He was opposed to what he called “Darbyites” or the “Darby Brethren” which became the exclusive Brethren.
      Using JN Darby, who was a hyper dispensational cult founder as the complete representative of all who hold to some form of moderate dispensational theology is double-dealing.
      Get your facts straight and ask your question again. Thanks.

  13. Robert Garcia says:

    They all want to keep themselves famous to sell their books and things. To do this they will get in bed with Rick Warren and the other heiritics.

  14. Darrel says:

    Your comment on Dec. 29 @6:54 AM tells the world that you have no clue what election, predestination, and being chosen by God before the foundation of the world means. It is a clear indication of the lack of salvation of your soul which also indicates that you are a false prophet, just like the ones you find fault with on a regular basis. You are not a brother in Christ because you are not in Christ, nor is He in you. Today is a good day to repent.

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      You have no real objection to what I said, because you are simply emotional. This only shows that I’m right. If you had a substantive objection you would have furnished it. You did not because there isn’t one.

  15. Kanoe Souza says:

    Apostasy Report – The Fall Of Calvary Chapel – is where I first got my first taste of Joshua Chavez. After studying Joshua’s actions towards these false teachers, as well as his reactions, scripturally, You, brother Chavez, speak Jesus’ language: Truth. I look forward to more of your ministry!

    You’re young, bold, strong, doctrinally sound, a fearless Soldier of the Cross!

    “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God”

    Glory to the Lamb of God*

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      I’m blessed and encouraged to know that the Lord has ministered to you in some sense through whatever you have found here. Praise Him for His faithfulness. We must be vigilant in these perilous times of multiplied deception. God bless. (Philippians 1:9)

  16. Jason says:

    Who in the world can I watch, read and listen to?? It seems every time I find someone that seems alright I’m wrong. After I do a little research on them I discover problems with them and/or their teachings. Guess I should be glad I’m careful enough to research unlike many others who just go with it. Seriously though who would you recommend for podcasts, websites and books? Thank you.

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      There is a “Recommended Resources” tab on this site.

      • Jason Kruzel says:

        I’ve ordered and read most of both books on the recommended resources, thank you, i probably never would have found them otherwise. Ive also listened to a myriad of Jacob Prasch’s videos. He is an excellent teacher, thoroughly explaining difficult topics from a biblical perspective ( I really likes the ships of Tarshish vid). So other than you and Jacob Prasch, the other 2 YouTube channels that I can’t get enough of are Soteriology 101 with Leighton Flowers and Beyond the Fundamentals with Kevin Thompson, both of who are defending the faith from not only apostasy but biblically defending the Traditionalist perspective on salvation ( I used to adhere to Calvinism and they’re teachings helped disabuse me of that unbiblical philosophy). Also, JasonZelda did video on why the King James is the only valid English translation, definitely worth the watch. Thank you again Josh, I pray you continue to be a willing vessel and that you continue to be open to what the Holy Spirit is teaching you at any given moment in these perilous times….

        • Joshua Chavez says:

          I am blessed to know you have been growing in your faith. Very briefly. I will, Lord wiling, be doing a video in upcoming months proving that KJV Onlyism actually destroys the KJV itself. This line of thinking borders on cultish and is fundamentally flawed as it is the result of a conspiratorial mindset, not scholarship or discernment. Please stay tuned for that. Also, Leighton Flowers approves of Michael Brown and Andy Stanley, both of whom are proven heretics. I would not recommend Leighton for a moment. Though doctrinally, I would be in closer alignment with him, that say John MacArthur, his willingness to promote heresy is a window into his own deception. There is simply no excuse. Please see my apostasy on Michael Brown. Leighton promotes this heretic and partners with him, and therefore aids and abets him.

          • Jason Kruzel says:

            Thank you and I agree with Michael Brown and Andy Stanley being heretics, when I watch Dr. Flowers, I focus on the fact that he is a former Calvinist like me and his arguments against it are thorough and biblical, but yes, sadly, he associates with heretics. I am looking forward to video on KJV onlyism, but I want to point out, that I am by no means a KJV Onlyist, I just believe that because it is the only english translation NOT printed for profit AND that it did have copyright derivitive laws impeding its publishing, it is closer to what the Holy Spirit intended to say ( i.e. Galatians 2:20). am open to correction if I am wrong, and if I am , please Holy Spirit show me which transltion in English is the most accurate or i will have no choice but to learn Greek and Hebrew!

  17. Chris Ahner says:

    Sincerely struggling with the content here. I have been going to saddleback church for 6 years now, and while I Am certainly not as well thought out at josh on these topics, I can confirm first hand regarding some of the great things rick and his ministry are doing in people’s lives. After 20 years of “thinking” I was a Christian, this is the church that helped me walk across the line. And, I am seeing this with others as well. I continue to seek truth, which is why I try to look to all sides of a controversy such as these, but the content is nearly overwhelming, and I am afraid it just leaves me chasing the wind, as I am not able to validate some of the details on my own. I am highly concerned that this type of mass communication effort tears down the brotherhood, but I do see the rationale behind it, as it points to some troublesome things that may require attention. I am curious if this group has ever made an effort to sit down for a private discussion, where hopefully pride can be put aside, and perhaps understanding can be found on both sides?!? Obviously I am hopeful that all sides are good willing participants in their effort to unite based on the truth of the Bible, and it just seems possible that some actions may be perceived incorrectly from ones view. Anyway, thank you for the information …. I appreciate the comprehensive look forward on your view.

  18. Howie Makely says:

    Watching a video of a group of people praying for Trump before the election, what I saw was astonishing. Present were Paula White, Kenneth Copeland, many I did not recognize. But in full fellowship with these wolves,(I call praying together full fellowship) was David Jeremiah. And what they were saying was luciferian at best. One referenced Israel and America as the only two countries God deals with (not a quote), America surely rivals Canaan for evil. The apostasy we are witnessing shows that. Jesus said to Peter “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”(Matt.16.18 KJV). He neither said nor meant that these men you talk about will build His Church or He will build their churches. Imagine MacCarthur in a conference with Roma Downey, Mark Burnett, Kaye WARREN, Joni Earickson Tada, just to mention a few. How about his hollywood nickname Jamac? This is their idle? He made a point of Romans 1-22 and it has come back around to bite him. Bad company even disrupts these high and mighty men,s conversation and pride brings down all the proud. God is NO respecter of persons. Joshua, maybe it is time to walk away. Paul told Titus: “A man that is an heretic after the first and second admonition reject; Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.(Ti.3.10,11 KJV) I assume that a person believes the same as those he fellowships with at these conferences. Let the dead bury their dead.

  19. Kevyn Smythe says:

    I get too much eye roll exercise reading some of the arrogance posted here. I am guessing that this is another blog filled with those that call themselves believers in Jesus, but do not fellowship at a biblically defined local church. After all, everything is apostasy, false teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, not real Christians, …….unless they conform to a very narrow self created idea set. My stars, I can’t worship at that church, the ladies wear pants 🤣……or something else that’s stupid.

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      Your emotional projection is no substitute for a biblical or factual objection. You don’t have one which is why you must rely solely on your emotions. Given that your email address is an “sbcglobal” address, I’m guessing you’re a bit miffed at the apostasy report which exposed the degenerate organization which you aid and abet. Congratulations on compromising for the sake of maintaining denominational affiliation. If you are somehow unaware of what I’m speaking of, please watch this and re-evaluate what exactly your motives are and who exactly you’re following:


  20. Kay DeWitt says:

    By I believe what had to be Divine Intervention, I just happened to see your video entitled “Pirate Christian Hypocrite” and I say that it was ordained of God that I watch this video because you stated verbatim what I just stated in a snail mail letter I just sent to a nationally known personality who has false prophets as guests on his TV show. I would love to send you a copy OF this letter if you send your email address to mine below:

  21. Kay DeWitt says:

    I WILL NOW ADD A COMMENT FOR ALL TO READ…WE ARE FACING A CRISIS HERE IN THIS US OF A WITH SCHOOL SHOOTINGS…and everything else that is sending our kids to an early grave. Our kids’ anger masks their pain and they don’t have a clue as to how Christ…and HIS love…is the answer TO their pain because these false prophets…and teachers…have made a mockery OF Christ’s love!!! And for anyone who would be inclined to faut Josh for lack OF love because he “” judges ” (discerns) …those who HAVE…and still DO….made a.mockery pf Christ’s love, be aware that the definition OF Christ’s love is simply “the desire for the loved one’s ULTIMATE BEST as that ultimate best is seen from an ETERNAL perspective!” …which is WHY ot is to the degree that one LOVES the sinner that he HATES the sinner’s sin..THAT AGAPE LOVE IS THE FRUIT JESUS SAID WOULD MARK HIS TRUE DISCIPLES!..BUT to HAVE this FRUIT IS WHY Jesus said we needed to pick up our cross so THAT WE COULD DIE TO SELF and move toward being able to rwecho the APOSTLE PAUL WHEN HE SAID, “IT IS NO LONGER I WHO LIVE BUT CHRIST WHO LIVES THROUGH ME”….THIS IS THE SUPERNATURAL POWER OF CHRIST’S LOVE THAT WILL SAVE OUR KIDS FROM .GOING TO AN EARLY GRAVE!

  22. gary says:

    Josh, I watched some of your videos a while back and they were very informative and helped me fill in the blanks when it came to my suspicions about most of these ministries. However, I’m still scratching my head why you don’t mention the whole issue of transgenderism. Paula White, Joni Ericson, Joyce Meyers, Hillsong, pretty much all christian music,even Billy Granham and family and from Aimee McPherson to Calvary, Laurie and the whole Harvest tranny circus event to TBN et al, John McAurthur, Kirk Cameron come on they are all trannified! Tell me brother, why don’t you touch on that 10,000 pound elephant in the room? The same logic you use to group these folks together theologically can easily be done to deal with the Gendercon issue, exposing the real situation and heart of the matter but you are mute.

    Whatever your reason, whether it be your blind to it (and I was 3 years ago and I;m 58) or you don’t know for sure about this or WHATEVER? For someone who can see this phenomenom and watch someone like you come along and talk like you do, going into such detail and depth about what these apostate celes believe, what they do, who they partner with eta, eta and then say nothing about the real issue, the deal breaker, the thing that ties it all together with the Papacy who has done this whole abomination, honestly makes you clueless or worse.

    Now if I am wrong and you have addressed this issue, please forgive me but I stopped listening to you early on because, although you touched on some very good points, stuff I didn’t know, I really was’nt interested in hearing anymore of what you had to say if it didn’t go to the VERY truth and heart of the problem, it just got to the point I couldn’t listen to it.

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      This is an insane conspiracy theory. You would to well to heed Isaiah’s words, “Do not say, ‘A conspiracy,’ concerning all that this people call a conspiracy.” (Isaiah 8:12). What do you even mean that MacArthur and Cameron “are all trannified!”? Do you think they’re women? This is a stupid waste of time and to distract people from truly deceptive practices among these people is not merely false witness against them, but a waste of God’s time. You have no evidence for the things you purport because it isn’t there. I’m sure you believe the earth is flat as well. As much as I disagree with Greg Laurie about a dozen things, to call him a transgender woman is not merely misguided, it is wholeheartedly stupid. Sir, in all honesty, you sound profoundly deranged.

  23. BOS says:

    Bottom lines is WHAT IS ALL THEIR FRUIT? They are fruitless, the Church and their relationship with God which god is about Money, Power, Greed, Abuse, Control and their false churches are Business to be kept in their lifestyle. WE ARE NOT JUDGING FRUIT and they’re fruitless. Where is Shelters, helping Poor, Fatherless, Widow, Single Parents and their Children, Homeless and building strong Families in general.
    “As the Church goes, so goes the World”; if the World is corrupt it’s because the church is. Leonard Ravenhill writes in well can’t out write and or say it in “Why Revival Tarries and America is Too Young to Die, Sodom Had No Bible” etc. My #1 elder intercessor says “what ministry/church isn’t riddled with witchcraft”. Nothing gives it away more than lifestyle. These false leader built empires, dynasty’s to self, SELF-SERVING off your time and money and TIME YOU CANNOT GET BACK, not at all.
    We don’t question, what they own and what they do with the money and who they help but themselves not to mention supporting and celebrating and paying homage to liars. Why the need for a type of King Saul violating the Ten Commandments and Revelations 2:4,14,20 (entire chapter).
    Brainwashing for Dummies-The Christian Edition 2/21/2013 and Christian Brainwashing by Dick Sutphen. Write out what they are saying, how much is WORD-Bible going forth vs. dead, inane, inept fluff and stuff air of empty words and promises and it’s more like the dead preaching to the dead and people love to have it so. Majority of our false church leaders PREYED on the people, they just want your time and money to build their empire.
    Order their 501c3 report (NOT the dummy. fudged, altered one they give the public but the one that has to be turned into the IRS and see what they own, worth, real estate, property, land, houses, apartments, estates, ranches, camps, businesses, bank accounts, planes, cars, vehicles, here in USA and oversea’s). Check out their lifestyle. One man mentioned in your article has written 35 Books and who does he help as his Mother was married 7 times and yet no helps in his Church.
    Can you answer me why Greg Laurie defected from the very corrupt lying regime of the rapture cult lie teaching and wanting women abused and children molested Calvary Chapel as had dealt with EVIL Chuck Smith Sr., for over 30 years and created Report Church Abuse List for men in Christendom to deal with issues like this and Mike Bickle (Boze Herrington expose on corruption of Bethany Deaton; Jeremiah Candler and how many more have to die before they wake up and exit)?, Rick Joyner etc., ALL THE LIES AND CORRUPTION. Just Google is Rick Joyner luciferian and read the articles and watch the U-Tubes and you have people tithing and attending his so called Church, how very sad and WHY? As years of TBN/Crouch abuses,
    spiritualsoundingboard.com is asking people to come forward with Church Abuse and lies like Tullian
    Google: Difference between psychopath and a sociopath and does that sound like any of these leaders? Look at the OVER 60 year horrific pedophile cover-up in Hillsong by the very highly homosexual child molesting regime of the habitual sweep sin under the carpet of assassins of their god (Aog’s) cataloged by Donald Elley on his wordpress document and William Lobdell and Austin Miles and Tanya Levin writes and they still exist!
    I LEARNED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN ALL MY YEARS IN CHURCH, didn’t even get the WORD except the evil leaders using the Bible like tarot, divination, guilt, condemnation, criticism, belittling, berating to give and to keep the sheeple sick and in bondage and coming back for more abuse.
    Where are your leaders going to be as you lose your Job and or House in a crisis and or needing help in general. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE AT ALL all these wolves, charlatans, hucksters, con-artist, false teachers, false shepherds, snake oil salesmen all they cared about is what your time and money could do to build their kingdom as God has no hand in it it’s ALL man, flesh, carnal-Galatians 3:all (who has bewitched you..). God does not get any money but the prostituting and the whoring of his name and who he is and neither do the people mentioned above.
    Example: Foursquare sold two buildings for 350 million; they paid 10,000 million for one building and sold for 250 million and who did they bless, did they help the people or did they just spend the money on themselves; note they become Real Estate/Land Owners under the guise of 501c3 and you will learn nothing it’s a country club that carries a Bible.
    For over 55 years asked for help for the poor, homeless (list mentioned) NO HELP TO DATE FROM ANY REGIME that considers themselves churches.
    ALL EXIT these FALSE MINISTRIES, CHURCHES and do what Jesus Christ said to do in the Gospels and go to the house2house movement and help and know one another. READ YOUR BIBLES in entirety.
    Please people, get unbrainwashd and think for yourselves!

  24. Erich Aseltine says:

    I am not going to say, he is not saved, or she is not saved. I am going to point out the hypocrisy of Pastor John MacArthur in his generalized statements that indicate ALL the following are not saved: “The Pope and the Papacy,” https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/90-291/the-pope-and-the-papacy, incorrectly on YouTube as, “Are Catholics Saved?” Considering some of the comments made in that sermon, and remarks against Hank Hanegraaff becoming Eastern Orthodox, Pastor John MacArthur considers ALL Catholics, Orthodox, and Anglicans NOT SAVED. Pastor MacArthur, has spoken many times against Liberal Christianity, which is NO Christianity at all, so we know that he believes they are not saved. The with his book, “Strange Fire: The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit with Counterfeit Worship,” and the Strange Fire Conference, where he states in the Session Q&A 1, “They say the word Jesus all the time…they don’t know Him, they don’t know the Gospel.” “They,” in this Conference is ANYBODY WORSHIPING WITH CONTEMPORARY MUSIC IS NOT SAVED, ANYBODY. Forget his Session on 1 John 4:1-6, he doesn’t even understand that, Romans 10:9,10, or 1 Corinthians 12:3. For me, it is like adding to the word, “Whosoever,” in John 3:16, “…except everybody above I have mentioned.” If one starts looking at the names up there, Pastor John MacArthur may not consider any them Saved. Even Joni was at a session two weeks earlier at her brother’s church, an Assemblies of God. For me, Pastor John MacArthur has made Christianity exclusive only to member’s of his own Party. Something that Francis Schaeffer discusses extensively in his book, “The Mark of a Christian.” Todd Friel…he is just a puppet.

  25. Vk says:

    Please try Zac Poonen, if you’re serious about becoming more like Christ not just arguing about doctrine which may not have a direct impact on daily life.
    Just a suggestion.
    God bless you.

  26. BOS says:

    Kinda funny, didn’t know who Todd Friel was and or Justin Peters. Saw Video of these two men discussing “why not play Bethel, Hillsong, Element music”, Mr. David Hennecke has a better video addressing the same subject more in depth of exposing false teachers/ministries. I decided to look up Justin Peters his site expounds he did a report exposing Benny Hinn. Addressed the issue to Wretched Radio why wouldn’t Mr. Peters not do the same research on John MacArthur unless they’re all Baptist and blackslapping it rather than holding each other accountable for TRUTH. Explain the Houston Chronicle article exposing OVER 700 Baptist victims coming public on sexual abuse and why the cover-up not to mention Albert Mohler’s part in all of it as well as so called christian leaders. Bottom line is told Al @ Wretched Radio to convey to Todd Friel that metaphorically all these co called religious leaders are deceased, WHAT DID THEY TRULY BUILD?

    What learning is: The Occult hides sin, The Occult lives in darkness, The Occult doesn’t live in truth, The Occult sweeps sin under the carpet and that’s every denomination and Church I ever sat in ever. Write, from the perspective NEVER learned anything in church building ever except, guilt, condemnation, criticism, belittling, berating and shame. Expressing this lament and for years, you bring someone to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and where are you going to take them to get foundations in and on the WORD (Bible) rather than getting deceived and lied and getting the used car salesmen selling his religious dead wares and has his agenda and his god of your time and money building man’s agenda.

    Metaphorically, ALL these people mentioned they’re gone, dead, deceased WHAT DID THEY TRULY BUILD but kingdom’s to themselves. Has any of them ever lived James 1:27 and Matthew 25:31-end? How healthy the people and families that sit in these movements, regimes, dynasty’s, religious buildings?

    People who defend these liars, hucksters are NOT reading their Bibles, NOT researching a matter they’re talking psycho-babble religion and worse, defending a lie plus religion might make you mentally ill as religion isn’t of God; it’s relationship=intimacy. Book: Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips has a satanic roll call of Pastors and it’s true list, very sad to say. Unfortunately the false church/leaders is so New Age!

    Joshua: This is an excellent and great site, very much needed like spiritualsoundingboard.com and Julie Roy’s and the many “truth speakers” exposing lies and injustices. Thank you so much, Appreciate you and all your work here and as iron sharpens iron! Be interesting to ask all these names mentioned, if they took luciferian, satanic money to get their buildings started that people consider the church (people are the church, NOT the buildings). Who founded and funded them the truth? Ask them, if they are mason’s/masonic, if they ever cursed anyone with Cancer and pray that they die and did they live James 1:27 (let’s see proof)? I see it as the people are building an Administration Business, God doesn’t get any money nor do these leaders service, provide, bless, build give out instead of being spiritual vampires and spiritual cannibals that the majority are. Matthew 7:13-14!
    It was all the people’s time and money building these church buildings that stay empty all week, can’t live in them or eat the building and what did we truly learn? Why are we replacing God with names of men and or women and violating 10 Commandments?

    Thought: All these people who tithed and attended John MacArthur’s church building what did they learn (applies to conference picture list also)? Did they learn any life skills that would pay the Mortgage, Utilities and put food on the table, pay for education/vacations, everyday living and like in Robert Schuller-Crystal Cathedral and Chuck Smith Sr.-Calvary Chapel where did all the money and property=real estate and business entities who benefited? Religion is big business as YOUR expected to pay their lifestyle and bills but they’re NOT paying your Mortgages etc. Big $$$ to be made in conferences and your just getting dead rhetoric, words, empty words, no substance as a lot of these on roll call of conferences have created conference junkies, glory hogs and fire bugs going from conference to conference for the next emotional high of feel good words as the majority IF not all of these speakers have NO substance to them, it’s just a way of them making money off your time. Think of all the conferences, camps, resorts, gimmicks, the many gimmicks of these leaders sucking out your brains, time and money to keep you sick, in bondage and coming back for more dogma and all they’re giving you in dead air, dead rhetoric and empty meaningless words. Much of what we think the church is, has been satanically infilterated and now here we are as a Nation and World!

    If, your Church Building didn’t stay open during “scandemic” agenda then case in point: constitutionallawgroup.us talked with Rick Martin (no one had to close their Business or Church etc). “Plandemic; Fall of the Cabal haven’t seen Out of the Shadows”. Friends have said this: How come people don’t know what’s going on and afraid especially Christians, case in point=what did they learn? Also, they bring in a “big name(s)” so bring in money to their coffers and agenda. Any name that comes to mind, Greg Laurie, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen etc., who did they truly help and what did they truly build?

    How about we take all these church buildings and make them Community Centers and Housing for the Fatherless, Widow, Poor, Homeless, Single Parents and their Children, Homes for Elderly and all people who built these false ministries. If, the laws were changed that the Charlatans couldn’t make a living off the Church anymore at all where would these Hucksters, Snake Oil Salesmen be?
    Josh will send you copy of memo sent to Steve Quayle, John Whitehead, Wretched Radio, Josh Peters etc., expounded on this

  27. Brian Kuzma says:

    You fools. That’s like saying John MacArthur is in partnership with the news channels he goes on to speak truth.

  28. Donna says:

    So many watchmen have been sounding the alarm about this circle of “religious leaders” for years and I just want to say it has not been in vain, Joshua. The deception is so utterly deep and the blindness of so many Christians is very sobering and terrifying. Please keep doing what you’re doing. And please continue to always allow the Holy Spirit to guide, correct, and humble you so that you lose nothing in your right-standing with Christ. God bless you!

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