Paul Washer & HeartCry Partner With Ecumenical Pope-Lover

Paul Washer heartcry

HeartCry Partners with Martin Bucer Seminary

Paul Washer and HeartCry Missionary Society have been partnering and in cahoots with the Catholic supporting, ecumenical leadership of Martin Bucer Seminary for nearly FIVE years unbeknownst to most. The seminary is presided over by the virulent Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher. Schirrmacher is a premier ecumenical leader and a personal friend of Pope Francis. He unequivocally promotes an antichrist agenda and gives all indication that he is a Jesuit himself. Let’s first set the stage with the goings-on of Paul Washer over the past two months to better understand the unprecedented severity of what can only be described as apostatizing.

Paul Washer’s Recent Folly

We recently released a video (April 22, 2018) which Highlighted Paul Washer’s slated speaking at the Cross ’19 Conference wherein will be several who routinely partner with Hillsong, Jesus Culture, The Passion Conference and other heretical organizations. Among those listed are Trip Lee, whom Washer calls a personal friend. Trip Lee is a good friend and promoter of both Hillsong and Jesus Culture, and Paul has NEVER publicly addressed this nor does he seem to care. The social justice, Marxist embracing bag of folly that is Thabiti Anyabwile is also scheduled to speak at Cross ’19, as is John Piper, the Rick Warren-promoting, Lectio Divina-practicing friend of Carl Lentz and Louie Giglio the Pope-kisser. The M.O. these days is that of Eli with his sons; simply turn a blind-eye to sin because of “cowardice or self-preservation” (to quote Paul Washer). The various compromises and heresy embracing being propagated by the profiteers at this conference were highlighted, and it had quite an impact.

Approximately two or three weeks after the video’s release Paul Washer was silently removed from the Cross Conference website in consummately surreptitious fashion. Inquiry was made as to why he was removed from the conference and the response was that it was for health reasons. This seems to be a legitimate reason given that Washer suffered a heart attack last year. “Seems” is the key word here, as Paul is STILL slated to speak at the G3 Conference which is a mere 2 weeks from the Cross ’19 Conference. Both conferences are equal distance from his home in Radford, Virginia. It is peculiar then that “health reasons” would preclude him from speaking at a conference in Louisville, KY on Jan. 2, 2019 but not in Atlanta, GA on Jan. 17, 2019. Sounds like a PR cover-up story.

The video exposing this was quite polarizing. Many were shocked, many were angry…. at me, not Paul. As Ahab was poised to call Elijah a “troublemaker” so, too, do the idolatrous sycophants in the reformed camp label those who speak truth against their beloved. Loyalty to Calvinist theology is, generally, paramount; even above truth. The irony here, is that I used to listen to Paul Washer. I considered him a “named brother” in the Lord (1 Corinthians 5:12), and actually learned from him in several respects. Responses were leveled from the likes of Pulpit & Pen’s, JD Hall and Too Wretched for Radio’s, Phil Johnson and Todd Friel. None of this is surprising given that these men have a personal stake in defending Washer, if for no other reason than to preemptively defend their sacred cow, John MacArthur. Phil Johnson and Todd Friel  have been thoroughly exposed for their fraudulent hypocrisy by this author and JD Hall has likewise been exposed. They all have a personal vendetta, as they are not used to being corrected, much less exposed in decisive fashion. When a donkey speaks truth even the madness of a prophet can be rebuked (I’ll be the donkey in this instance), though I could hardly call them prophets. The analogy was to bring me down, not to bring them up. They dismiss the notion of “secondary separation” while simultaneously and selectively defending it. So be it. I have issued a public challenge to debate them all on camera simultaneously and that has yet to be answered. As they say, “put your money where your mouth is.” Given that Phil Johnson makes nearly $250,000 per year, from Grace to You ALONE, there is plenty of money to be “put” so to speak. I digress. Their collective responses amounted to admitting that they didn’t watch the video (not even 60 seconds for Todd) and resorting to questioning whether or not “Joshua” is my real name (it is). When JD Hall learns new words like, “Pseudonymous” he really runs with them. I mean… REALLY. None of them, however, addressed the problem with Paul, much less their glaring hypocrisy in condemning men like James White for doing the SAME EXACT THING (Looking at you, Jordan [if that is your real name]); JD even going so far as to say he believes “in up to five degrees of separation” only to contradict his own article about insisting on “one degree” of separation. These men don’t know what they believe because it depends on who the target is. They use differing weights and measures (Proverbs 20:10) so often they have trouble remembering which lie they’re trying to cover up and which conference invitation they don’t want to jeopardize. An update to all of this was issued that included a response to the aforementioned as well as more info about Paul and his decade-plus long promotion of men like John Piper, Lecrae and Trip Lee. You can view that here: Paul Washer’s Hillsong Embracing Friends UPDATE.

ecumenical leader

Pope Francis & Thomas Schirrmacher


HeartCry’s Shocking Partnership

The latest installment showcases Heart Cry Missionary Society’s open partnership with Martin Bucer Seminary whose president is Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher. For those who have not seen the video, I must implore you to watch it immediately (click the red link above). Thomas Schirrmacher is a personal friend and advocate of Pope Francis and all things both Catholic and ecumenical. In addition to presiding over the Martin Bucer Seminary he is on the senior leadership team of the World Evangelical Alliance and a committee member of the Global Christian Forum, both of which are in partnership with the ever ecumenical and demonic World Council of Churches. The term “demonic” is not used lightly. It must be understood that the three aforementioned organizations are, without question, working in accord with the spirit of antichrist. They are global in nature as all of their names imply and their objective is to usher in a global religion under the guise of “unity.”

Thomas Schirrmacher at vatican

Schirrmacher Hugs Pope Francis

Thomas Schirrmacher is a premier ecumenist who lauds the Pope and has become something of a regular at the Vatican. This man claims to be of the “reformed tradition” and yet hugs the Pope and his minions. Schirrmacher gives every indication that he is a fellow Jesuit working from the inside to infiltrate and subvert, though this cannot be proven. A man this nefarious should not only be avoided but openly shunned for the devil that he is.
The exact opposite has happened! Paul Washer and HeartCry have been in PARTNERSHIP with Martin Bucer Seminary for nearly five years. Anthony Mathenia, Paul Washer’s friend, pastor, and co-board member of Heart Cry can be seen in a photo with Schirrmacher’s protege, Franklin Ferreira in Brazil. Luke Nash (elder of Christ Church Radford) says here that:

heartcry brasil

Anthony Mathenia & Franklin Ferreira


This past week I had the opportunity along with Anthony Mathenia, a member of the HeartCry board, to visit and meet with the leaders of the Martin Bucer Seminary in Brazil, with which HeartCry began a partnership earlier this year.”

And that their time was helpful in,

…considering how we can further help our Brazilian brothers who are leading the seminary.”

Franklin is not only under the direct leadership of Pope-loving Schirrmacher, but is a close personal friend of his. You can see them vacationing here in Germany in February of this year. These men have been partners, colleagues and friends for years and Paul Washer and HeartCry are in open partnership with them. One missionary that represents HeartCry was a student there as well.

Franklin and Schirrmacher in Germany

Thomas Schirrmacher & Franklin Ferreira

For the full details on Schirrmacher, HeartCry and Martin Bucer Seminary, please view the 46min. video. Anyone who sees it will not fail to be thoroughly disturbed at just how ecumenical Schirrmacher is and to what extent he pushes an antichrist agenda. The question then becomes; Why and How did HeartCry become a partner and sponsor of the Martin Bucer Seminary?

HeartCry Responds

Apparently HeartCry received this question from a few people; one of them being a man named Randy, who shared their response. This response was written by Luke Nash (elder of Christ Church, Radford) who is part of HeartCry’s oversight and author of the original article in 2013. He says:

HeartCry helped [the Martin Bucer seminary] purchase a number of good, historically reformed books for their library, but that has been the extent of our partnership.”

This is a laughably absurd statement given the fact that they wrote an entire blog about their new partnership with the seminary. Either Luke was lying in the original article or he is lying is his response here. Why would someone write an entire blog about their “PARTNERSHIP” if it wasn’t a partnership? Why is there an entire article written that never mentions any books purchased? Which is it, Luke?
He then goes on to say,

This support was given prior to any awareness of Mr. Schirrmacher…we knew nothing at the time of any controversial issues regarding a seminary in Germany”

Notice the dismissive and distancing language. HeartCry doesn’t know who the President of the entire seminary is? They don’t know who they’re partnering with? They are either lying or this is extreme negligence. To openly promote and partner with that which you do not know is like leaving your children with strangers to be babysat. People go to jail for such negligence in the world. Leave it to “conservative Christians” to exhibit this level of degeneracy. Notice he calls Schirrmacher’s open and consistent promotion of an antichrist a “controversial issue” that’s like calling stage four cancer a “setback.” This is stunningly stupid to say the least.

Schirrmacher Martin Bucer

T. Schirrmacher; President of Martin Bucer

Luke then goes on to say,

We knew only the pastors of the church in which the seminary is hosted…”

He is attempting to distance himself and HeartCry from the Seminary altogether, which I can understand the desire for, because it is fleshly, but not the action because it is a bald-faced LIE! In his initial blog he said that they,

[met] with the leaders of the Martin Bucer Seminary…”

and that it was helpful in considering how to,

…further help our Brazilian brothers who are leading the seminary…”


The leaders of the seminary have a heart to reach people from all different denominations…”

He finishes by saying asking the Lord to bless the efforts of Martin Bucer Seminary (not some local church) and to,

…grant HeartCry wisdom as we partner with our Brazilian brothers.”

So, which is it? They “ONLY” knew the pastors of the church, or they knew the leaders of the seminary? HeartCry was either lying then or they are lying now. Luke continues in his recent response,

…if we had sensed or been aware of any tendency toward ecumenism with the Catholic Church, we would have certainly ended all ties with the seminary immediately.”

heartcry banner Schirrmacher

Thomas Schirrmacher & Franklin Ferreira Sponsored by HeartCry

Yet, they are STILL in partnership with and promotion of the seminary as they have issued no public repudiation of their endorsement or partnership, much less a rebuke of this ecumenical, antichrist supporting organization, which is certainly in order. Spurgeon once said that to remain in any alignment which condones error is to support schism. Everybody can quote Spurgeon, right? What about actions? When will they issue a public repudiation and rebuke of this seminary and all of its affiliates? Why did Luke lie to this gentleman about what really happened there? This gentleman had been a long-time supporter of HeartCry and was proposing an ultimatum of sorts, and rightly so. Luke gave him misleading and deliberately false information to soften the blow. This is the integrity of HeartCry and Paul Washer’s cohorts. Shameful!

This brings us to the next issue. Fiel Ministries of Brazil has HeartCry listed as a “PARTNER.” Fiel Ministries is also in partnership with Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary which has a joint Master’s and Doctoral program with Martin Bucer Seminary. Fiel Ministries also promoted Thomas Schirrmacher at their annual pastor’s conference just a couple years ago. HeartCry is being rather crafty in its response and “under the radar” partnerships with devious organizations like Fiel and Martin Bucer Seminary. (Matthew 10:26)

Fiel conference Schirrmacher

Schirrmacher & Ferreira at Fiel Conference


Given that they gave an open endorsement and promotion of the Seminary and asked God to “bless the efforts” of it; given that (according to them) they neglected to inquire who the president of the seminary was for the past five years; given that they apparently lied to this man Randy about not knowing any of the leaders of the seminary and merely purchasing “a number of good… books,” when will we see public repentance? Will Paul Washer address what can only be described as deplorable and flagrant error? Neglect leading to death in the world is a criminal offense. How much worse is spiritual neglect in pointing people into the arms of an antichrist? This is, perhaps, one of the more grievous and shocking things I have come across. People that knew about all of this information and failed to warn others would include the pathetic panderers of Papa Mac (John MacArthur) at Pulpit & Pen (JD, Seth Dunn, and Jeff Maples), Justin Peters, No Compromise Radio with Mike Abendroth and The Bible Thumping Wingnut with the ever desperate to be famous, Tim Hurd. These men are all connected. Most have spoken at conferences together and are all in sycophantic and idolatrous wonder of John MacArthur, Mr. “take the Mark of the Beast without worry,” himself.
These are the so-called “discerners” of today. A bunch of “reformed theology” loyalists, who sell John Calvin T-shirts like carnival con-men. The “knock-off Casio of polemics blogs” wrote an article about Schirrmacher last year as an obligatory nod to a man who had emailed him frequently about this issue. Having all of this information, he cursorily characterized Washer’s affiliation with Schirrmacher as “various dealings” knowing full-well HeartCry made an explicit statement of “PARTNERSHIP” with Martin Bucer Seminary. We received the SAME emails (I later) and yet, you’ve only heard this here. That’s what a fake Rolex will net you; bad time and no warranty. Deliberate half-truths are lies as well.

Let’s recap:
I have no doubt that HeartCry helped The Martin Bucer Seminary purchase books but they began a “partnership” (in their own words) which included partnering at conferences with these people and co-authoring magazine articles as well. Paul Washer and Franklin are Conference partners.

Fiel 2013 conference Paul Washer

Paul Washer & Franklin Ferreira

They said that this support was given prior to any awareness of Dr. Schirrmacher. I preemptively addressed this dilemma in the video. Germany is not just some independent Branch but the very headquarters of the Seminary. Thomas schirrmacher is the president of the entire Seminary including the Brazilian branch whose director, Franklin Ferreira, is Schirrmacher’s protege and friend. For them to claim they were unaware of who the president was is at best disgustingly gross negligence. They have no choice but to say they didn’t know this as they can’t very well say they knew who Schirrmacher was and didn’t care. This is the only salvageable response, and it’s still wildly unacceptable. The next question then becomes: at what point did they learn of Thomas Schirrmacher? Surely it wasn’t within the last 72 hours, was it? Were they ignorant of who the president of their partnering seminary was for 5 years? If they did know, why have they not issued a public repudiation and rebuke of the Seminary given their public endorsement and partnership with it? They have an obligation to not only repudiate any and all involvement with the Seminary but to openly rebuke both Schirrmacher and Franklin, which they have conspicuously neglected to do. Why is that? Are they intending to do so? For them to say they only knew the pastors of a certain church is an out-and-out lie. Anthony Mathenia is in a picture with Franklin, Thomas Schirrmacher’s colleague and right-hand man. This is pathetic.

ecumenical pope-lover

Thomas Schirrmacher Loves Pope Francis

The fact is; they DO have an “affiliation” with Thomas Schirrmacher, which is actually a partnership as he is the President and leader of the entire Seminary body. They are attempting to distance themselves from him and play the card of ignorance. There is no excuse for not knowing who the leader of an international Seminary is, especially when you claim to be and ARE a partner and sponsor of them.
Given that they know who Thomas Schirrmacher is now, when will they publicly recant of their endorsement and openly rebuke the Martin Bucer Seminary and all of its affiliates? Nothing about HeartCry’s response makes sense. They are attempting to trivialize it because it sounds better to play dumb about an issue that is this damning. It was said explicitly in several points that they met with the leaders of the Seminary and were in partnership with them.
Again they were either lying in the article or they’re lying now.

This insanity demands a public response immediately. Paul Washer himself needs to address this; all of this. From his partnership with Schirrmacher, to his silent removal from the Cross Conference, to his deafening silence about his “friends” Trip Lee and Lecrae in the face of their heretical embraces. This is such a mixed bag of spiritual adultery, negligence, and outright dereliction as to necessitate an immediate and comprehensive response. Barring a scathing rebuke of the men mentioned here, don’t ever mention Paul Washer in the same breath as Spurgeon again. And if you are defending this nonsense, blindly, but you claim to be one who respects Spurgeon; you have NOTHING in common with him. He would balk at most of these so-called reformed cowards today. Owning a handwritten letter from Spurgeon because you get paid exorbitant amounts of money *cough* (MacArthur, Johnson) does not mean you have anything in common with the man. Paul Washer himself has said that it is easy to have the theology of a Spurgeon or a Brainerd, but having their lifestyle is another thing entirely. When silence replaces truth, that silence is a lie.

“Failure at a crucial moment may mar the entire outcome of a life. A man who has enjoyed special light is made bold to follow in the way of the Lord, and is anointed to guide others therein. He rises into a place of love and esteem among the godly, and this promotes his advancement among men. What then? The temptation comes to be careful of the position he has gained, and to do nothing to endanger it. The man, so lately a faithful man of God, compromises with worldlings, and to quiet his own conscience invents a theory by which such compromises are justified even commended. He receives the praises of the judicious; he has, in truth, gone over to the enemy. The whole force of his former life now tells upon the wrong side . . . To avoid such an end it becomes us ever to stand fast.” (C.H. Spurgeon,1888, The Sword and the Trowel).

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Joshua Chavez

A slave of Christ. My name is Joshua Chavez.

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35 Responses

  1. Darrel says:

    Thank you for putting all of this together. I’ve known for at least five years that something was dreadfully wrong with Washer, but had difficulty putting my finger on it. At one time he had ties to ecumenical Luis Palau and a seminary in SA, but info on this was scant to non-existent after the initial exposure—what else is new!? This comes as no surprise, not even a disappointment, but confirmation of the Lord’s leading out of this morass created by PW. He was and is an idol in the camp of the pseudo Calvinist/Reformed cult and more closely linked to the Jesuits as is so obvious from his associations with these antichrists. Yes, there is guilt by association as is plainly depicted in Scripture. May the Lord strengthen you in the days ahead when the onslaught of hate is unleashed upon you for exposing yet another fraud.

  2. April says:

    I am shocked and appalled at what I have learned from watching your videos. To be honest, when I initially decided to view one of your videos for the first time, I thought I was just going to hear a bunch of accusations and opinions from someone suffering from jealousy. After first experiencing a measure of grief regarding Paul Washer, I have sent the links out to others who I sort of introduced to Washer, and I feel need to be warned. Thank you Joshua for your boldness to stand on the side of Truth, and for the clarity with which you present the facts. God bless you and please keep up the good work.

    • Servus Christi says:

      I’m sorry I had to bring unfortunate news, but it is necessary. I pray you have been and continue to be edified by whatever you find here. May we pursue Christ to the fullest, and truth for His sake, no matter the cost. Philippians 1:9
      God Bless you.

  3. Laurie says:

    Even with all this truth being exposed, there will be fans of Washer that will defend him to the end. Celebrity preachers carry more weight that God and His truth.

    The Jesuit influence marches on, and all roads do lead to Rome. May the Lord of glory have mercy.

    • Servus Christi says:

      Sad, but true. I pray Paul repents and rectifies this, but it seems the prospect of fame and recognition bring about corruption and blindness for many. Truly a tragic circumstance. May we be diligent in pursuing and defending truth for Christ’s sake and to His glory. God bless you.

  4. waldens says:


    Here you can see Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher is Grandchaplain (Protestant) of the Sacred Order Saint Michael Archangel.

    Here you can see the Sacred Order of Saint Michael Archangel Investiture Brazil (August 2016). Presiding the Grand Master HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII and the Grand Chaplain of Brazil HER Dom Roberto Francisco Ferreria Paz, the Catholic Bishop of Campos, Brazil. (here the reason why these public links are as bad as those calling themselves Jews forgetting the Shoah)

    At Shepherds Conference 2018 Dr. John Macarthur before thousands of local pastors and Phil Johnson/ Dr. Steven Lawson has said that discernment
    is a very important topic lacking in the church these days.

    In 2018 TMS of Dr. John Macarthur/ Phil Johnson chooses Paul Washer to publicly promote their new initiative the Tyndale Centre for Bible Translation.

    In 2018 TMS of Dr. John Macarthur/ Phil Johnson also lets Dr. Joel R. Beeke teach their doctoral D.Min students.
    Dr. Joel R. Beeke with PRTS now in full partnership with Martin Bucer Seminary of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher.

    This is what Tyndale (who was a martyr for Christ, thereby confirming his witness for Christ and against antichrist with his blood) confessed the pope of Rome to be THE antichrist as all the Reformers did.

    TMS via GTY and Heartcrymissionary are both partners of Fiel Ministries.

    Revelation 18v4, 2John9-11, 1Peter3v13

    waldens (Joshua knows my name)

  5. waldens says:
    ‘However, I spoke with Anthony Mathenia yesterday and he has assured me that they no longer support the school in any way and that the guys that run the seminary in Brazil are 1689 all the way and that even the partnership the school has in Brazil with the main Martin Bucer organization barely even exists and that they essentially just use the name for accreditation which is a common practice. It sounds like they’re essentially using Schirrmacher but even still the partnership ought not be.’

    This is completely refuted by their in website in 2018 where Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher and Dr. Titus Vogt aare presented as teachers of Martin Bucer Seminary Brazil
    together with Dr. Franklin Ferreira and Dr Tiago Santos.

    2014 (on several pictures Heartcrymissionary as sponsor of activity Martin Bucer Seminary Brazil with Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher)



    Heartcrymissionary of Paul Washer in July 2018 still listed as partner of Fiel Ministries whose Editor in Chief is a Pastoral Director and qualified teacher at Martin Bucer Seminary together with Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher.

    Here what Dr. Joel R. Beeke says about Dr. Tiago Santos of Fiel Ministries/ Martin Bucer Seminary during his trip to Brazil.

    ‘Tiago Santos, a dear Brazilian friend who works for FIEL and for the Martin Bucer Seminary in Brazil, was a great help to us in our days of need. His English was impeccable, which was a great help.’

    In the same pastoral letter Dr. Joel R. Beeke writes:

    ‘On January 5 and 6 I taught Dr. John MacArthur’s fifty-five doctoral students (The Master’s Seminary) a sixteen-hour course in Reformed Experiential Preaching at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California. I also lectured for a few hours on Puritan preaching. The men were very receptive; it was a joy to teach them.
    The following evening, on the first Lord’s Day of the year, I had the privilege of preaching for Dr. MacArthur’s congregation in Los Angeles on “Who Can Meet All Our Future Needs?” I felt helped in preaching to this large, attentive congregation.’

    ‘Dr. Steven Lawson (to my right in the
    picture), who runs the doctoral program,
    treated me incredibly well over the weekend.’

    Dr. John Macarthur and Dr. Steven Lawson now in July 2018 (can) know the direct partnership of PRTS of Dr. Joel R. Beeke and Martin Bucer Seminary Brazil of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher, brother of Pope Francis I (aka THE antichrist according to Spurgeon, Wesley and Tyndale), Grandchaplain (Protestant) of the Roman Catholic Sacred Order of Saint Michaal Archangel and commitee member of the Global Christian Forum.

    All fifty-five doctoral students of the TMS D.Min Program also can know of this partnership, seeing that their beloved Dr. John Macarthur says that getting eschatology right is CRUCIAL for a faithful minister of the Lord Jesus Christ. So being taught by Dr. Joel R Beeke (worldwide expert on the English Puritans) who with all his knowledge about Scripture and churchhistory ( to in 2018 (at the end of the 1260 year reign of the papal antichrist (Rev 11v2 KJV, Geneva) PUBLICLY partner with a worldwide theological seminary under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher, who not only shows all signs of being a Jesuit, but also of having taking the mark of the Beast by being Grandchaplain (Protestant) of the Roman Catholic Sacred Order of Saint Michael Archangel, is perhaps the greatest apostacy anyone is capable of with this knowledge.

    Both Dr. Joel R. Beeke and Paul Washer have not investigated Martin Bucer Seminary and its President they entered into partnership since 2013 and since 2018 with the Seminary lead by Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher ?

    I advise everyone to buy the book Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher has presented in the Global Christian Forum meeting of Bogota Columbia April 2018 about their meeting in Tirana Albania November 2-4.

    Is this the global missionwork Heartcrymissionary of Paul Washer and Anthony Mathenia plus PRTS of Dr. Joel R. Beeke stand for ?

    Have I contacted Paul and Joel and confronted them about this issue?
    Yes,, they both have been confronted on the issue of denying the papal antichrist for months/ years, never answering.

    (Servus Christi, I apologize for the length of this response, I thought it helpful to share this information as well)

  6. waldens says:

    Here you can see Dr. Albert Mohler (yeaarlong close brother and friend of. Dr. John Macarthur)

    And Tim Challies (speaker G3Conference with Paul Washer and also sponsored by Heartcrymissionary) (who promotes Paul Washer and Dr. John Macarthur)

    Presenting themselves in 2018 in Brazil as mainspeakers at the 34th Pastors conference of Fiel Ministries (whose Editor in Chief Dr. Tiago Santos is Pastoral Director and qualified teacher at Martin Bucer Seminary together with Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher )

    Here Dr. Joel R. Beeke presenting himself in 2019 as mainspeaker at the Youth conference organised by Fiel Ministries.

    Dr. Albert Mohler, Tim Challies and Dr. Joel R. Beeke present themselves in 2018/2019 with Fiel Ministries in Brazil (with very strong ties to Martin Bucer Seminary of President Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher) after 2017 where they and all their brothers at G3Conference, Shepherds Conference, T4G, TGC, TMS, GTY, TMAI, EBTC and Evangelium21 in Germany have celebrated in the USA, Europe and the whole world the anniversary of 500 years of the Reformation of which they all know that ALL the Reformers were united in their view that the pope in Rome is THE antichrist and the papacy Babylon according to Daniel, 2Thess2 and Revelation.

    To act now as though all these men who present themselves for years with their theological titles, yearlong churchexperience at conferences as the teachers of local church pastors, to now suddenly act as though they know nothing and seen nothing is the same as that a Jewish-scholar who for years taught many rabbis on Jewish history, now suddenly says ‘Really, did the Shoah really happen and was it really that the rabbis disagreed with the Nazis as criminals who committed genocide on our people ? No, really, but you know its first about the gospel, secondly about baptism and thirdly issues like eschatology……… you all can see that eschatology IS a gospel- and salvationissue as all those who shouted the loudest that it is only about the gospel without identifying the Wicked in 2Thess2v8 and the destruction of Babylion (Rev 14v6-12) like Paul Washer and Dr. Albert Mohler, now bring not only themselves but also those they say they have responsibility for when it comes to the eternal wellfare of their souls in the greatest danger by spiritually linking to Martin Bucer Seminary of President Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher who worldwide is uniting the Vatican with all other streams of outward christianity, inlcuding all these partners of Fiel Minsitries

    2 Thessalonians 2:8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

    2 John 1:9-11 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

    Revelation 14:6-12 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

    Revelation 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    If Paul Washer, Dr. Joel R Beeke, Dr. Al Mohler, Dr. Mark Dever, Dr. John Macarthur, Phil Johnson, Anthony Mathenia etc…… 2018 (after 2017 worldwide celebrations of 500 years of the Reformation) towards the Martin Bucer Seminary of their President Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher speak peace, dont identify his links with the Wicked in Rome, dont adress his doing everything possible worldwide to unite all outward christian communities in the world with Babylon in Rome and instead of fleeing from the Wicked and out of Babylon, does his utmost to show himself everywhere in the world as the greatest friend of the Wicked wishing with all his heart to unite with Babylon in the Global Christian Forum, …..than the true Voice of the Lord Jesus Christ does not come out of those you worshipped for years as THE CHURCH and the last bullwark of christian orthodoxy, because the True Militant Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in churchhistory and now does NOT speak peace to the Wicked in Rome and FLEES OUT OF Babylon.

    Here Dr. John Owen, whose grave is painted from PRTS to the currentday leadership of Banner of Truth, on the marks of Protestants, you for yourself can see that all those who now present themelves with Fiel Ministries/ Martin Bucer Seminary in PUBLIC deny the second, third and fourth FUNDAMENTAL principle of true christians.

    Respect of persons is sin.

    May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on ALL those who have not done the sin against the Holy Ghost !


  7. waldens says:

    Do you think Paul Washer has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think Anthony Mathenia, pastor of Paul Washer, has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think Dr. Franklin Ferreira of Martin Bucer Seminary has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think Dr. Tiago Santos of Martin Bucer Seminary/ Fiel Ministries has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think Dr. Joel R. Beeke has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think Justin Peters has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think Jordan Hall has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think Dr. John Macarthur has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think Phil Johnson has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think Dr. Al Mohler has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think Dr. Mark Dever has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think Dr. Ligon Duncan has access to this article and this book ?

    Do you think they can know all this or that they are too busy with their family, their work and the real life they are leading ?

    Revelation 18v4, 2John9-11


  8. waldens says:

    Do you think Dr. Franklin Ferreira, Dr. Tiago Santos and these partners of Fiel Ministries receive this worldwide communication of Martin Bucer Seminary ?

    No, because this worldwide communication was not adressed to them personally and if it is not adressed personally although they are connected as partners PUBLICLY they know nothing, see nothing, do nothing.

    But when an individual in a local church somewhere on this globe takes out the garbage unfriendly, wo to him or her.

    Jordan Hall, Rolex of Polemics Blogs, Berean, best polemicist on planet earth, discerner supremo, lost your tongue ?

    Revelation 18v4, 2John9-11


  9. Tom and Katie Muench says:

    thank you soooo much for this article right on the $$$… Paul Washers sermon on Matt 7 was a highlight for us a few years ago…we sent it to a few people we know some were blessed and sent it to others also…we tried listening to him again other sermons not and there were red flags…not able to put a finger on why… we just stopped listening to him…reminds us of the political deep state once again 11Thess 2 comes to mind…APOSTASY before His return…the gates of hell will not prevail against the true church…continuing to contend for His truth…wish we could talk to you in person
    Tom and Katie

  10. waldens says:

    Yesterday this post appeared on the Facebook page of Fiel Ministries (Chief Editor Dr. Tiago Santos, teacher at Martin Bucer Seminary of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher).
    This blogpost contradicts Anthony Mathenia, pastor Paul Washer, who said that Heartcrymissionary due to a problem with Bucer will not work with them in future,
    Fiel Ministries (strongly connected to Martin Bucer Seminary of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher) confirms by this blogpost that they are still working with Heartcrymissionary of/and Paul Washer.

    Here you can see Dr. Tiago Santos, Chief Editor of Fiel Ministries, presented together with Dr. Franklin Ferreira and Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher on the main webpage of Martin Bucer Seminary Brazil whose President is Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher (fully participating in Global Christian Forum Tirana 2015 and Bogota 2018, brother of Pope Francis I (aka THE antichrist according to C.H. Spurgeon and John Wesley).

    Heartcrymissionary of Paul Washer still listed as partner of Fiel Ministries in July 2018.

    Heartcrymissionary of Paul Washer still partnering with Martin Bucer Seminary according to their own website.

    The whole Heartcrymissionary Board including Anthony Mathenia and Paul Washer know this information made public by Servus Christi.

    When are they going to speak out IN PUBLIC against this linking to apostacy with Rome ?

    Now Fiel Ministries on 6 July 2018 confirmes Paul Washer of Heartcrymissionary is one of their cherished speakers, aka working with them to reach the goals of Fiel Ministries (strongly connected with Martin Bucer Seminary of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher).

    Revelation 18v4, 2John9-11


  11. Darrel says:

    The cover-up is often more egregious than the first sin

  12. waldens says:

    As Dr. Joel R. Beeke is now since April 2018 partnering in an academic master’s program with Martin Bucer Seminary of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher (Grandchaplain (protestant) of the Roman Catholic Order of Saint Michael Archangel, committee member of the Global Christian Forum, coffee buddies with Pope Francis I),

    also mentioned must be that Dr. Joel R Beeke is working on film about the English Puritans with Dr. J.I. Packer. (MediaGratiae promotor Paul Washer)

    Dr. J.I. Packer who at the end of 2015 PUBLICLY appeared with Evangelicals and Catholics Together with Roman Catholic Cardinal Dolan. Dr. J.I. Packer in the foreword of that book said that he thinks that the struggle against Rome as THE antichrist after Vatican II is over, that historic roman catholics and historic evangelicals should in this day and age work together to bring Christ to this world and Dr. J.I. Packer considers Evangelicals and Catholics Together a truly prophetic movement in this day and age.

    I highly advise you buy this book for yourself to check the public statements of Dr. J. I. Packer (together with Dr. Joel R Beeke also a worldwide expert on the English Puritans).

    So you now have two worldwide experts on the Puritans (who called the pope in Rome THE antichrist according to Daniel, 2Thess2 and Revelation, see also Westminster Standards, Solemn League and Covenant) namely Dr. J.I. Packer and Dr. Joel R. Beeke who after tens of year of public ministry (painting the graves of the English Puritans all over the world without their witness against Rome as THE antichrist) now in 2018 (at the end of the 1260 year reign of the papal antichrist) unite with either Evangelicals and Catholics Together or Martin Bucer Seminary of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher.

    As already proven Dr. John Macarthur and Dr. Steven Lawson with all their tens of years of experience of expositional bible preaching, churchleadership, worldwide gospelpreaching, have in 2018 so much discernment and spiritual insight that they have Dr. Joel R. Beeke not only teach their D.Min TMS students but als preach at Grace To You Church.

    ‘On January 5 and 6 I taught Dr. John MacArthur’s fifty-five doctoral students (The Master’s Seminary) a sixteen-hour course in Reformed Experiential Preaching at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California. I also lectured for a
    few hours on Puritan preaching. The men were very receptive; it was a joy to teach them.
    The following evening, on the first Lord’s Day of the year, I had the privilege of preaching for Dr. MacArthur’s congregation in Los Angeles on “Who Can Meet All Our Future Needs?” I felt helped in preaching to this large, attentive congregation. ‘

    ‘Tiago Santos, a dear Brazilian friend who works for FIEL and for the Martin Bucer Seminary in Brazil, was a great help to us in our days of need. His English was impeccable, which was a great help.’

    The D.Min TMS students speak peace to Dr. John Macarthur and Dr. Steven Lawson.
    Dr. John Macarthur and Dr. Steven Lawson speak peace to Dr. Joel R. Beeke.
    Dr. Joel R Beeke speaks peace to Dr John Macarthur and Dr. Steven Lawson.
    Dr. Joel R. Beeke speaks peace to Dr. Franklin Ferreira.
    Dr. Franklin Ferreira speaks peace to Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher.
    Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher speaks peace to the Roman Catholic Sacred Order of Saint Michael Archangel
    Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher speaks peace to the Global Christian Forum
    Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher speaks peace to Pope Francis I (aka THE antichrist and leader of Babylon according to Spurgeon, Wesley and Tyndale)

    The D.Min TMS students who graduate, become pastors of local churches, teach their local churchelders and local churchmembers that if you watch too much worldly tv and in an unfriendly manner take out the garbage, they sin and have to work on their sanctification.

    The. D.Min TMS Students know all this time the link Dr. John Macarthur, Dr. Steven Lawson, Dr. Joel R Beeke, Dr. J.I. Packer, Dr.. Franklin Ferreira, Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher and can be aware of Global Christian Forum Tirana November 2015/ Bogota April 2018 while giving Dr. John Macarthur, Paul Washer, Dr. Steven Lawson and Dr. Joel R. Beeke all the praise for their global yearlong work of bringing their gospel.
    The D. Min TMS students everywhere promoting TMS as perhaps the last worldclass seminary in the world where you can be taught by worldclass teacher lead by worldclass Dr. John Macarthur and worldclass Dr. Steven Lawson (worldclass expert on expository preaching, especially Daniel, 2Thess2 and Revelation).

    2 John 1:9-11 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

    Luke 18:10-14 Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee, and the other a publican. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican. I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess. And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner. I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

    Dennis, a nothing.

  13. A Concerned Missionary says:


    I’m actually a missionary with Heartcry, and know Mr. Washer personally. I can confirm he is very ill, and will not be speaking publicly anymore, unless drastic healing occurs.

    As you may know, sometime organizations do not always follow the doctrine of their president. The leader in Brazil is actually alumni from the Southern Baptist Seminary, and as far as conviction goes, well take a look at some of his books, or visit his facebook or twitter.

    The article may be a Post hoc ergo propter hoc. A Catholic sympathizer is the president, therefore, the school must be ecumenical and worthless, even though Schirrmacher is thousands of miles away and has little influence on the actual education the campus provides.

    I would encourage you to redact it, or at least update it so that it does not slander without understanding.

    • waldens says:

      To Concerned Missionary,

      Please go, buy and read this book on the Global Christian Forum Meeting 2015 in Tirana Albania presented by Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher at the Global Christian Forum Meeting 2018 in Bogotha Columbia.

      In this book you will see that 3 Dr’s of the leadership of Martin Bucer Seminary were actively involved in Global Christian Forum 2015, namely Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher, Dr. Thomas Johnson and Dr. Titus Vogt.
      In this book you will see that Global Christian Forum seeks unity together with the Congregation Promoting Christian Unity of the Vatican. This all open for everyone on the planet to see.

      The question I would like to ask you, Concerned Missionary, do you do your missionwork to build the worldwide church returning to the Roman Catholic Church described in this recent book of Global Christian Forum promoted by Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher ?

      The question that follows is does Heartcrymissionary build the worldwide church returning to Roman Catholic Church described in this recent book of Global Christian Forum promoted by Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher ?

      Or do you, Concerned Missionary, together with Heartcrymissionary belong to the worldwide church as described in this book on the nature of protestantism by Dr. John Owen ?

      Several additional remarks
      1. Already shown is that Dr. Franklin Ferreira met with Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher in a personal meeting in Germany at the beginning of 2018.
      2. Already shown is that both Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher and Dr. Titus Vogt are presented on the mainpage of Martin Bucer Seminary Brazil ( together with Dr. Franklin Ferreira and Dr. Tiago Santos (also Chief Editor of Fiel Ministries) as qualified teachers.
      3. Already shown in the recent article on on Dr. Hinkelmann becoming President and Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher Vice-President of Martin Bucer Seminary, that their Brazilian seminary does NOT have a status of independent sattelite amongst the other seminaries of MBS in the world. More so, Brazil is the greatest seminary they have in the world.
      4. Already shown is that it is not only Heartcrymissionary with Paul Washer but also PRTS of Dr. Joel Beeke who in 2018 is in partnership with Martin Bucer Seminary whose leadership promotes a worldwide church that goes back to Rome.
      5. Already shown that the ministries of Dr. John Piper, Dr. Mark Dever, Dr. Al Mohler, Dr. Joel Beeke, Paul Washer and Dr. John Macarthur are partners of Fiel Ministries which is lead by Dr. Tiago Santos, Chief Editor, but also Pastoral Director of Martin Bucer Seminary Brazil under the leadership of Martin Bucer Seminary to whom Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher, Dr. Titus Vogt and Dr. Thomas Johnson belong, who all three promote in the book above the worldwide church that returns to the Roman Catholic Church.

      Paul Washer at the Shepherds Conference 2017 presented himself as teacher of the teachers regarding missions.

      Now in 2018 Paul Washer presents himself as a mortal man, a weak man, a broken man, who only wants to play boardgames with his children and not partake anymore in conferences but somewhere unknown in Nepal teach unknown brothers.

      However Paul Washer presents himself also again as promotor of a worldwide initiative of TMAI to translate the Bible in languages not translated before.

      To be clear towards you, Concerned Missionary.
      As everyone on the planet who knows their only man, who has any life experience, who has any empathy for his or her fellowman, I also wish Paul Washer a speedy recovery from this heartattack that he may become completely healthy soon in body, mind and spirit so that his family can have their husband and father back.

      What happened to Paul Washer in his heartattack (as happens to thousands around the world yearly, christian or non-christian) it teaches me that Paul Washer is only a man and that in the inward man of the People of Christ ONLY the Lord Jesus Christ is magnified.

      Heartcrymissionary and Paul Washer together with TMAI claim in 2018 a worldwide initiative to do missions and translate the Bible in a Tyndale initiative.

      Than first they all know that Tyndale called the pope of Rome THE antichrist and the papacy Babylon.

      Than second if they have the presumption to serve the worldwide church in 2018 by spreading their gospel and new bibletranslations, while they know they and their friends are partnering with a seminary of global ecumenists, they have to speak out which church exactly they are building …..

      The worldwide church that returns to the Roman Catholic Church as described in the book of Global Christian Forum promoted by Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher with participation also of Dr. Titus Vogt and Dr. Thomas Johnson ?

      Or the worldwide church of the Reformation as described in its fundamental protestant principles in the book by Dr. John Owen ?

      I remind you and myself that all we do we do before the Lord Jesus Christ Who knows our hearts, Who knows His Sheep, Who knows His Martyrs.

      Kindly awaiting your reply.

  14. waldens says:

    It is strange that those who consider themselves the most as calvinists after years of churchgoing still do not know from their so called calvinist teachers who the Wicked in 2Thess2v8 is and what Babylon is in Revealtion 14v6-12.

    This is strange because the drafters of the Canons of Dordt and Calvin already did in the 16th and 17th century.

    The proof of this lies in the description of this book of Dr. John Owen on what bliblical christiianity (aka protestantism) is.

    It is strange that the so called calvinists of this day and age know exactly what election is but when it comes to the fundamental principles regarding Rome and knowing who THE antichrist and Babylon is, they simply do not know. This is true for BIblethumpingwingnut, JD Hall, Todd Friel, Phil Johnson, Justin Peters, Mike Abenroth, Dr James White and all the ‘last calvinist standing’ crew.

    Their spiritual experimental knowledge of the calvinist doctrine is so shallow that when confronted they all run the risk of denying the true Gospel in total. See here a website of a former listener to Dr. R.C. Sproul and Dr. John Macarthur. (meaning in truth the form of calvinism that lacks the fundamental principles against Rome (see book Dr. John Owen) because that has become of the world under a guise of godlines).

    That is why these so called calvinists only paint the graves of Spurgeon but do not understand the brokenheartedness and love for souls that is behind it. Spurgeon for them is only a means to an end, namely pretending they know the true doctrines of calvinism by painting the grave of Spurgeon.

    I advise everyone strongly to stop listening to all so called calvinists (who are false calvinists) who are wrong on the identity of THE antichrist (aka the pope in Rome according TO ALL THE REFORMERS, the English Puritans, John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards and C.H. Spurgeon) meaning by these so called calvinists (who are false calvinists) Dr. John Macarthur, Phil Johnson, GTY, TMS, TMU, SBTC, T4G, TGC, 9Marks, PRTS and Dr. J.I. Packer (20 years of ECT 20 years).

    Instead go and read to the true calvinists (who truly preached the Everlasting Gospel by which the Wicked was destroyed (2Thess2v8) and Babylon fell (Rev 14v6-12) like ALL THE REFORMERS, the English Puritans, Jonathan Edwards, John Bunyan and C.H. Spurgeon.

    How can one be a true calvinists when the false religion of Rome that all true calvinists from the past called THE ANTICHRIST, is not seen by you because you do not understand that according to true calvinists from the past it is not only false doctrine but THE ANTICHRIST from Daniel, 2Thess2 and Revelation.

    That is why your enmity, false calvinst, is the same as the arminian, because you are wrong and remain wrong on your eschatology of which even the champion of false calvinism Dr. John Macarthur says it is CRITICAL to being a true minister of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Here just some examples of what true calvnists of the present and history believed regarding Rome when they preached the Everlasting Gospel by which the Wicked was destroyed and Babylon fell (2Thess2v8 and Rev 14v6-12).

    That is why you seem to be settled without spiritual ado in your rich middleclass life with a false calvinist church, where people leave who are sick and tired of your shallowness, judging on the works of the law and scorn against those who ask you questions you cannot answer because it falls outsdie of your shallow false calvinism.

    If true calvinism = true protestantism and these false calvinists deny all the fundamental principles of true protestants against Rome as THE antichrist from Daniel, 2Thess2 and Revelation, than these false calvinists are the greatest enemies to true calvinists for whom they pretend the highest love, honour and respect just as the Pharisees did to the Prophets and the Roman Catholic Church to the followers of Christ (although the RC Is documented responsible of 605 years Inquisition of the followers of Christ).

    That is why the witness of the True Bride of Christ against Rome as THE antichrist is missing in the expositional commentaries on Daniel, 2Thess2 and Revelation in the Dr. John Macarthur Studybible, the Ligonier Reformation Study Bible, the RHB KJV Studybible and the ESV.

    Revelation 18v4

  15. waldens says:

    Please read this article and ask yourself how responsible Dr. John Piper and Dr. Sinclair Ferguson are by their participation in drafting the Cape Town Commitment of 2010 for the developments after it leading to the Global Christian Forum in 2018 where outward unity with the Vatican (aka THE antichrist according to ALL THE REFORMERS, the Puritans, Bunyan, Edwards and Spurgeon) is sought.

    Step 1 2010:

    ‘ The Beginnings of a Long Journey In December 2009, Lindsay convened a conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, hosted at John Piper’s church (Bethlehem Baptist), to which a representative group of theologians was invited (eighteen women and men from each of Lausanne’s global regions). Each person was recommended by the Lausanne international deputy directors.’

    ‘ The meeting was chaired by Sinclair Ferguson, …..’ ‘Eventually, we were able to release the full Cape Town Commitment, Parts 1 and 2, in January 2011.

    ‘ ‘The full Cape Town Commitment can be viewed here:’

    Step 2 2011: file:///C:/Users/STARTK~1/AppData/Local/Temp/Biblical+Perspectives+WEA+II+(Thomas+Schirrmacher).pdf

    Step 3 2013: Heartcrymissionary of Paul Washer (worldwide involved in missions) starts partnership with Martin Bucer Seminary Brazil of Dr. Franklin Ferreira whose President is Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher. (video public proof Servus Christi ‘Paul Washer Partners with Pope-Loving Ecumencal Leader’)

    Step 4 2017: celebration worldwide 500 years of the Reformation, presented by T4G 2016 ‘we are protestant’ to which Dr. John Macarthur, Dr. John Piper, Dr Al Mohler, Dr Mark Dever, Dr Ligon Duncan belong. Across the board in 2017 from ShepCon to G3, from TGC to EBTC, from Evangelium21 to Refo500, from PRTS to Ligonier, from new academic commentary on Revelation by Dr. Richard Philips (recommended by many friends of Dr. John Macarthur) to the current activities of Banner of Truth, nowhere the witness to be found (sealed by the blood of the martyrs of the Lord Jesus Christ) as described in the witness of ALL THE REFORMERS against Rome as THE antichrist.

    Step 5 2018: Global Christian Forum 2018 meets where Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher presents their book on Global Christian Forum 2015 (where also Dr. Titus Vogt and Dr. Thomas Johnson of MBS participated). (all major USA ministries partners of Fiel Mnistries for years, presenting themselves at pastors conferences in Brazil, writing articles for them, knowing full well that the leadership of Fiel Ministries is strongly connected to the leadership of Martin Bucer Seminary Brazil whose President is Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher.

    PRTS of Dr. Joel R Beeke makes new documentary on the Puritans with Dr. J.I. Packer and many friends of Dr. John Macarthur who presented themselves in 2016 as protestants without the witness of ALL THE REFORMERS against Rome as THE antichrist.

    Both Dr. John Macarthur, Dr. Joel R Beeke and their friends knowing as theological academics the value of the book by Evangelical and Catholics Together on their 20 year journey in which Dr. J.I. Packer was one of the mainmovers.

    They also knowing the consequence of them endorsing in 2017 the new academic commentary on Revelation by Dr. Richard Philips in which all reference to the protest of ALL THE REFORMERS against Rome is completely missing.

    Yet they continue, being promoted by Media Gratiae who heavily promotes Paul Washer who with Heartcrymissionary is for 5 years in partnership (according to their own website) with Martin BUcer Seminary of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher.

    (in 2018 a Dallas Statement is published against the social justice gospel by which the fans of Dr. John Macarthur show that Dr. John Macarthur has for years presented himself with those who end with a false gospel and missing the fundamental protestant principles against Rome in their ministries)

    Why is my reasoning false in light of this documented churchhistory

  16. Martins says:

    El Seminario Martin Bucer Cambia de presidente, ¿por qué será? Desde el 1 de septiembre de 2018, el Rev. Dr. Frank Hinkelmann es el nuevo presidente de Martin Bucer Theological School and Research Institute (MBS), activo en una docena de países.

    • waldens says:

      This is true, you are right.

      ‘Neben seiner Funktion beim MBS bleibt er leitender Mitarbeiter von Operation Mobilisation, einem internationalen und überkonfessionellen Missionswerk, dessen europäischen Zweig er neun Jahre geleitet hatte. Zwölf Jahre hatte er den Vorsitz der Österreichischen Evangelischen Allianz inne und ist derzeit sowohl Präsident der Europäischen Evangelischen Allianz als auch Sekretär des Internationalen Rates der Weltweiten Evangelischen Allianz. Er ist Pfarrer im Ehrenamt in der Evangelischen Kirche und lebt mit seiner Familie in Niederösterreich. ‘

      Dr. Frank Hinkelmann is now President of the Martin Bucer Seminary (under whose flag the Brazilian seminary of Dr. Franklin Ferreira and Dr. Tiago Santos (Chief Editor Fiel Ministries) and Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher has become Vice President.for International Affairs.

      Both Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher and Dr. Titus Vogt are still presented as qualified teachers on the mainpage of Martin Bucer Seminary Brazil together with Dr. Franklin Ferreira and Dr. Tiago Santos (Chief Editor Fiel Ministries).

      Dr. Frank Hinkelmann is chairman of the Austrian Evangelical Alliance and the European Evangelical Alliance. Both fall under the World Evangelical Alliance in which Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher takes the following position

      So I conclude that although in the leadership of Martin Bucer Seminary with less than 2000 students worldwide Dr. Frank Hinkelmann has come in a higher leadership position than Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher, Dr Titus Vogt and Dr. Thomas Johnson.
      However in the World Evangelical Alliance representing 420 or 600.000.000 evangelicals worldwide Dr. Frank Hinkelmann still reports to Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher in his evangelical alliance position.

      Prof. Dr. Schirrmache representing 420 or 600.000.000 evangelicals in Global Christian Forum and the Vatican to which the Austrian and European evangelicals belong over whom Dr. Frank Hinkelmann is appointed.

  17. Marius Rossouw says:

    Philippians 1:15-18 New International Version (NIV)
    15 It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. 16 The latter do so out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. 17 The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. 18 But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.

    You all can have your opinions but do not divide the body. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      Yet you are judging me? You need to have a consistent and more importantly, BIBLICAL standard for your objections. We’re not talking about secret motives here, but open partnerships forbidden by the same Bible you imply you are subject to. Paul Washer and Heartcry are in partnership with a devil of a man. If you have a biblical or factual objection, please state it. If not I would ask you to submit to your own arbitrary standard and stop dividing the body with your opinions.

  18. Barbara j Stephan says:

    My understanding is that these people you accuse of being co-horts with bad preachers were simply asked t speak at an event where other preachers (not so great) had also been asked. This does not mean they were in cohoots with bad preaching. Have you actually ASKED Paul Washer and John Macarthur themselves why they decided to speak? if given a chance to speak the true Gospel where false preaching will be heard-why not? Sounds to me you have jumped to conclusions with the knowing the facts and judging motives. Shame on you

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      It sounds more like you have either never read the bible or you have forgotten it all and are effectively Biblically illiterate. Where did you get these ideas from? Your desperately wicked heart? You certainly did not find them in Scripture. The irony here of course is that even Paul Washer has often admonished people to rely on the sufficient Scripture for all they say and do. This is precisely the point. You have heard true things and yet learned his leaven despite those truths. His actions outweighed the truth of God’s word for you and you have now invented fanciful justification for compromise. The shame rests squarely with you, Barbara.
      Here is a video I made explaining this is thorough biblical detail:

  19. waldens says:

    Paul Washer must speak out IN PUBLIC about this –

    Same goes for the other big USA ministries who are partnering with Fiel Ministries/ Martin Bucer Seminary Brazil whose leadership fall under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher, member of the Roman Catholic Order of Saint Michael Archangel, favorite coffeebuddy of Pope Francis I and theological representative of 420-600 million evangelicals at the Vatican.

    According to Daniel, 2Thess2 and Revelation NOT the prosperity gospel, but the Vatican is the greatest problem of the true worldwide church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    For your information. Here the core of public facts of this protest.

    1. In April 2018 this book was presented on the worldstage involving more than 95% of world christianity.

    This book was presented by Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher, Vice President of Martin Bucer Seminary, member of the Roman Catholic Order of Saint Michael Archangel and WEA theological representative at the Vatican of 420 to 600 million evangelicals.

    That is why this video on Paul Washer and Schirrmacher is such a big red flag as now unity worldwide with the Vatican is sought, aka THE antichrist according to J.C. Philpot, John Bunyan, C.H. Spurgeon and J.C. Ryle.

    2. At the end of 2015 this book came out on 20 years Evangelicals and Catholics Together in which Dr. J.I. Packer wrote with Roman Catholic Cardinal Dolan the prefaces and publicly Dr. J.I. Packer confessed this movement to be ‘truly prophetic.’

    In the epilogue (with knowledge of Dr. J.I. Packer) this statement was made which union ECT 20 years was seeking, namely a common communion and a common table.

    ‘Yet we stll do not celebrate a common communion. The Togetherness of Evangelicals and Catholics Together
    remains incomplete. We continue to fall short of the Lord’s prayer for his church ‘that they may be one’ (John 17:22).
    Strictly speaking, because we cannot share the Lord’s Supper, we are ‘together’ only on the road, not at table.
    We have not yet reached Emmaus. Let us pray that we soon reach the common table there.’

    This is high treason against the Work of the Holy Spirit in the Reformation, yet Macarthur&friends now in 2018-2019 present themselves as though they are brothers of the English Puritans in, all of them knowing that all the English puirtans were convinced the papacy to be THE antichirst and the eucharist an abomination. (PRTS, Dr. Joel R. Beeke, minute 31-35)

    3. In August 2017, the year 500 years of the Reformation was celebrated by Macarthur&Friends, this new academic reformed expository commentary on the whole book of Revelation came out, written by Dr. Richard Philips.

    This book is endorsed by the yearlong brothers of Macarthur, namely Dr. Al Mohler, Dr. Steven J Lawson, Dr. Mark Dever, Dr Joel R Beeke and Dr. J.I. Packer.
    The problem with these endorsements is that all the fundamental protestant principles all the Reformers and all the Puritans deduced from Sola Scriptura and applied to the Church of Rome as THE antichrist and Babylon, are COMPLETELY MISSING.

    See page 4 to 9 in this book by Dr. John Owen (Prince of the Puritans) on the nature of protestantism.

    • Matías says:

      Give me your email please, i believe the same by respect the Antichrist, i am searching brothers with the same faith.

  20. Lincoln S says:

    This partnership from HeartCry Mission Society with a high profile ecumenical figure is of course questionable. But doctrinally, I have heard Paul Washer also upholds the rather new Satanic strain known as Lord Salvation. Can anybody verify this as I valued the ministry of Brother Paul as a young believer very much but now have stopped listening to his mministry which I previously found to be both sound, edifying and uplifting?

  21. Jason says:

    Typical strategy of a son of Cain; when you can’t fault a man for his own actions you condemn him for being (tenuously) associated with other men you can fault. If I recall correctly the sons of Cain used this same tactic with the Lord, “he eats with tax collectors and sinners” and “his disciples eat with unwashed hands”.

    Here are the accusations (simply put, for you adopt a garrulous manner in order to cloak the fact you really have hardly anything on this guy):

    He was scheduled to speak at a conference and he canceled.

    An organization of which he is the founder and director partnered with a seminary of which the president is a friend of the so called Pope.

    He’s friends with Trip Lee and Lecrae.

    And that’s it, that’s the absolute worst dirt you can dig up. If this is really the worst accusations you can bring against I take it then as a glowing endorsement the man.

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      I don’t want “anything on this guy” but would rather he stop his sin of silence. Your accusation of “sons of Cain” tactics is simply spurious. Jesus was falsely accused of being a friend to sinners and tax collectors, Paul Washer himself said on audio recording that Trip Lee and Lecrae were his friends. You are hopelessly without support in your desperate quest to make light of this. He opted not to speak at the conference for “health reasons” not because he fundamentally disagrees with any of them. He has shamelessly promoted John Piper the Lectio Divina practicing, Rick Warren promoting bag of folly for years without any repudiation much less rebuke for Piper. This is akin to Eli’s sin in 1 Samuel 3. He stands idly by while John MacArthur engages in gross pharisaical leaven partnering with marxist deceivers like Matt Chandler and David Platt while MacArthur himself says you can take the mark of the beast and still be saved… Paul is silent and promotes them… and his seminary partners with Martin Bucer. You have offered no biblical or factual objection and are at best offering some form of emotional or anecdotal objection. Please try again.

    • Ukulelemike says:

      Jesus was their friend because He told them the truth, rebuked their sin and called them unto repentance. Has Washer done this? Or does he just hang out with them?

  22. Marinda says:

    Can I please have your email address? I would like to ask you some questions if I may.

  23. Ukulelemike says:

    Well, when one comes up with an unbiblical philosophy like Christian Hedonism, which says that God is most glorified by us when we are most satisfied in Him, why would we be shocked when he joins himself with people who serve a god that is easy to be satisfied with, a god who is non-judgmental, and expects nothing from his followers?

  24. Michael says:

    Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. – Prov 16:18. For me, it is so hard to be honest about my shortcomings especially when someone points them out. But in the end, I realize it is way easier to admit my faults rather than try and defend them. The problem with men like Washer, Piper and MacArthur is pride. Maybe they are afraid of losing credibility since they preach the word of God. I don’t know but it is remarkable how people will blindly come to their defense no matter what. You are right in calling it idolatry. God isn’t looking for excuses and definitely doesn’t excuse any of this buffoonery. One of the criticisms I’ve heard of Washer is that he sometimes conflates salvation with works. Maybe deep down, this is why he can’t admit when he is wrong because he is trying hard to be holy. I don’t know but it sure doesn’t look good.

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