Pulpit & Pen’s Dilemma: John MacArthur Partnering With A “Devil”


Macarthur Gospel Coalition

P&P Dilemma

We’ll keep this one short.
JD Hall of Pulpit & Pen blog has long been defending his support of John MacArthur while privately critiquing him. Hall and his degenerate friend, Seth Dunn, apparently share a bowl of dereliction for breakfast every morning and are now faced with quite the dilemma. Tweedledee & Tweedledum (not sure which is which) have gone out of their way to deceive themselves and others by defiantly protecting MacArthur while publicly lambasting others engaged in the SAME misconduct. Though, as was recently exposed, JD Hall displays seemingly sociopathic tendencies by confidently contradicting himself and denying it in the face of his own audio recordings. In an attempt to dismiss his own contradictory nature, and personal favoritism, he erected a straw man argument and his new favorite phrase “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.” Hall claims that we are claiming MacArthur knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who’s is a heretic and therefore, he is. Hall’s friend (birds of a feather) and executive director of Grace to You, Phil Johnson, attempted this with his wannabe stand-up comic friend, Todd Friel; both were exposed for their hypocrisy here: More LIES & Hypocrisy From “Grace to You” & “Wretched Radio”
THIS IS NOT THE ARGUMENT. MacArthur actively partners in ministry with
John Piper and Matt Chandler who openly embrace and partner with vile heresy. This is partnership, not acquaintanceship. The disturbing bit about JD’s straw-man tendency is the fact that on the phone he says that he potentially agrees with up to “FIVE degrees of separation.” This man is, in short, a liar and a deceiver.

MacArthur has continued to embrace and partner in ministry with false teachers and apostates like

John Piper Apostasy

John Piper with False Teachers

John Piper and Matt Chandler, whom JD acknowledges as despicable. Nevertheless, because JD and his minions at Pulpit & Pen are like vultures circling a carcass in the desert, just desperate to get a bite, they will not condemn MacArthur. He affords them “credibility” and the potential to make their name bigger. They desperately want to share in the spoils of the MacArthur camp. In keeping with the desert motif, they are similar to that bird that plants itself on the hippo and cleans its ears from time to time.

In a sad but funny twist, the degrees of separation are thinning by the minute. JD and Co. have stated that Russel Moore, of the ERLC is, “of the Devil.” Hall does not mask his loathing of Moore, nor should he. He is quite right to assess Moore as “of the Devil.”

Russell Moore false teacher

Moore on the Pope

as the man openly fought to have a Mosque built, went with Rick Warren to the Vatican, and thinks Pope Francis was the perfect person to be Time’s “person of the year.”

To say that Moore is a Catholic sympathizer is an understatement; he is a full blown advocate. This man is one of the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention. Though outside the scope of this article, anyone who remains in the SBC, which is under the leadership of deceivers and enemies of Christ, is aiding and abetting them, and it behooves them to vacate immediately lest they share in their miserable fate as well.
Well, guess what? Pope John MacArthur is hosting the Gospel Coalition conference “Enduring Faithfulness” in October of this year (2018). That’s right. He is welcoming in and speaking with the Gospel Coalition, formally, in his own building.

John MacArthur and Russell Moore

John MacArthur Hosting Gospel Coalition Conference

JD and crew have called the Gospel Coalition a Marxist organization and, as I said, called Moore, “of the Devil.” Given this, what will JD and his fellow sycophants do? Russell Moore is a member of the Gospel Coalition, along with John Piper and other apostates, and Ol’ Johnny Boy is not only partnering with them, but having them in his own “house” as it were. Though the location doesn’t matter, these non-thinking emotionalists seem to think that if John doesn’t invite them to his church it doesn’t count. That has been their defense of his speaking at Together for the Gospel for the past TWELVE years. Well, here it is. What a tragic time when personal favoritism wins over truth. These men are in it for business, not Christ. Their ability to see Moore as a false teacher says nothing of righteousness or devotion to Christ. Even the Pharisees hated the Sadducees and Jesus still called them sons of hell. There are no “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” here, folks. This is simply John MacArthur welcoming a devilish organization to his home. Will P& P continue their hypocritical defense of MacArthur in light of this or will humility prevail? Will JD and Seth give John the Same treatment as they gave Dr. Michael Brown and James White, or are they still desiring an invitation to next year’s Shepherd’s Conference?

Russell Moore is ecumenical

Russell Moore United with Catholics


So, to recap: John is hosting a “Marxist organization” that is home to someone “of the Devil,” according to JD Hall…. a devil that wants to unite with Catholics. MacArthur is now hosting them in his church. You still want to play “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” or would you rather repent; acknowledge your blatant hypocrisy and call a spade a spade? MacArthur is supporting a devil according to JD Hall and P&P. What will they do? What will Wretched Radio do? What will Phil Johnson do? What will Justin Peters do? What will Chris Rosebrough do? What will Paul Washer do? I suspect nothing. They will find new and clever ways to dismiss it or altogether ignore it. The fruit of idolatry produces all  manner of silliness. Though possible, and to be desired, these men have proven themselves to be loyal to their “fan-base” and their “queen-bee” rather than the Word of God.

Why the harsh language? Why the mocking tone toward JD and his cohorts, you ask? Why did Elijah mock the false prophets? Why did John mock the Pharisees? Why did Paul mock the Judaizers?  These men are deceivers and hypocrites. Their dislike for me is personal and stems merely from calling them out for theological error. My dislike for them, on the other hand, is not personal. I tried to contact them and reason with them privately, but they would have none of it. I’ve watched as they mocked (not me, but truth), denying the very words that came out of their own mouths. There comes a point when people become so invested that they can’t turn back. For us (those eagerly seeking to grow in Christ and His truth), we went all in despite the world around us. We took the call to forsake ALL for the cause of Christ; we heeded the statement, “Let God be true and every man a liar.” We did not seek to be validated by men but by God. We were truly ready to take up a cross and follow Christ. We did not seek to make for ourselves earthly kingdoms and receive the praise of men, but to boldly proclaim truth despite any and all consequences; to contend earnestly for the faith though all might mock and jeer. Jesus was despised by the conservative religious establishment of His day who thought they had a monopoly on truth because, after all, they were sons of Abraham and had “one Father- God.” Yet, Jesus tells them they are hypocrites and broods of vipers. Moreover, He says they are sons of hell and that their father is actually the Devil. Were they capable of espousing truths? Of course. The Scribes and Pharisees knew better. This is the entire basis of hypocrisy. To say and not do. To speak truth and neglect it. Even devils are capable of stating theological truths. Jesus warned of the leaven of the Pharisees. These men will says things like, “Sola Scriptura” and then appeal to everything but scripture to substantiate a point. They will say to be a Berean, and yet lean on their traditions rather than the Word of God. People like John MacArthur are compared to Paul the Apostle, yet I don’t recall Paul making over a Million Dollars per year. But MacArthur-ites will defend him to the death. Why? Idolatry. Plain and simple. He became their standard rather than the Word of God and they, therefore, have hewn out cisterns that hold no water. Million-dollar-Mac is hardly the apostolic figure they would have us believe. And by their own standards they condemn him for partnering with a Marxist organization that is home to a Devil. Will they alter their standards yet again? Just how silly can boys in the business of business be? We shall see.

Philippians 1:9
Proverbs 26:5

Never divorce love from discernment. Discern the discerners.

P.S. Ken Silva is dead. His site is recommended as it is an archive. He recommended Grace to You at a time when much of these goings on were not so easily seen, and if he were alive today I suspect he would be writing against Grace to You and John MacArthur as well. JD Hall, grasping at straws, thought he made some “drops mic” worthy observation about this. I’m not condemning a dead man based upon what he didn’t know. I gave JD the benefit of the doubt before every uttering a sideways statement about him, but he doesn’t want me to do the same for a dead man. This sort of bizarre thought pattern is par for the course for Mr. Hall. Desperation will produce cringe-worthy reactions. That said, if anyone finds any unsound recommendations from Mr. Silva that were relevant and obvious at the time he was alive, please let us know and we will be happy to remove the source as recommended. Everyone should be willing to change their position based on Scripture and facts… Mr. Hall seems to think there is some loyalty here other than to God. There is not. Unlike Hall, there is nobody buttering our proverbial bread on this end other than God. Let Him be true and every man a liar.


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A slave of Christ. My name is Joshua Chavez.

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17 Responses

  1. Lara says:

    You’ve nailed it again. I listened to the horrific podcast of JD Hall where he spoke like a 13 year old boy with no wisdom or civility. It was shameful. I agree with him doctrinally (95% I would guess, although his not understanding the clear teaching about Separation might lower that), but I do not believe a man who is so hypocritical, nasty and immature is fit for ministry. He shows no signs of humility or meekness. Maybe he’s a different person to his local flock, but publicly he is a disgrace to the name of Christ. I have followed this from the start and he deliberately twists things you say, creates a straw man out of it, and then attacks the straw man. You are RIGHT, his will defend the Grace to You empire no matter what. All of them, I hope will repent of this egregious error on their parts. MacArthur is a super-idol in so-called Evangelicalism in this country and it stinks to high heaven. MacArthur used to teach that the Lord Jesus Christ did not become the Son of God UNTIL he was conceived in Mary’s womb. This is damnable heresy. Supposedly he no longer teaches this, but I have yet to find any PUBLIC repentance of such a damnable doctrine. These men love the adulation of man and seem to care not for following the Lamb of God whithersoever HE goeth. Just be careful not to fall into the same pit as JD Hall with how you speak. 🙂

    • Servus Chrisit says:

      Yes, it is getting worse. Someone at Grace to You or Wretched (or their followers) flagged my latest video as “violent” and “graphic” and YouTube removed it. As Phil Johnson and Todd Friel were engaged in the same ridiculous misconduct as JD Hall (he and Phil are friends), there credibility was damaged. That they are willing to stoop this low is evidence not only of the lack of integrity on their part, but also the veracity of what I am sharing here. None of this was personal from my end, but they made it personal. I hope you have been and continue to be edified and emboldened by whatever content you find here. May Jesus ultimately be glorified in it all.
      God bless.

      • Karen Reid says:

        Have you seen the Grace Community Church’s “Camp Regen,” in which the kids dance around the head of a pig, wallow in the mud like swine, etc.” More like “Camp DEgen”!

      • ken naccari says:

        Re “Someone at Grace to You or Wretched (or their followers) flagged my latest video as “violent” and “graphic” and YouTube removed it.”
        What is the name of this video? Where can I see it? God Bless

    • Karen Reid says:

      JMac needs to repent of his heresy concerning the blood of Christ and his false teaching that people can take the mark in the Tribulation and still be saved.

      “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he ALSO WILL drink the wine of God’s wrath…And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, AND WHOEVER RECEIVES THE MARK OF HIS NAME” (Rev. 12:9, 11). Rev. 12:12 warns, “Here is a call for the patient endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus.”

  2. John says:

    Have a look at this article:


    • cal says:

      John, I don’t know when you found that incredible web-site, but I also have learned much about John MacArthur through their thorough investigations and documentation.
      Like Billy Graham, John MacArthur has been deceitful from the very onset of his “ungodly” ministry. Thank the Lord others have discovered that treasure trove of uncovering the evil, and hidden works of these wolves.

  3. Mike Evans says:

    You are doing a good job. I noticed that the Johnson/Friel video had been removed for a laughably false reason. I did not hear JD’s podcast but rsad his vitriolic article against you and noticed your comment under your list of Recommended Sites. That anyone professing to be in minustry should seek to “demolish” a beluever with a critical attitude towards them speaks volumes. They really have no answer to the rebuke which you have scripturally and politely given them regarding their hypocrisy re MacArthur, whose heresies are blatsnt in my opinion. Their highly personal attacks on you and their evasiveness re the issue in question reveals where their hearts are really at. Very sad. Be encouraged. ‘Think it not strange regarding the fiery trial etc’

    • Servus Chrisit says:

      Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, it is sad to see what is happening all around us. These men are more concerned with image than biblical conformity. As you noted, their goal is to attack the messenger rather than address the issue.
      I pray you have been and continue to be blessed by whatever you find here, my friend. All for Jesus.

  4. LW says:

    Joshua, you are a breath of fresh air in a confusing Christian landscape. The true and simple walk of faith is a lonely one. There just seems to be so much falsehood out there. So many wolves, so few humble servants. When you speak out about these matters you very soon become an outcast even amongst professing believers. The church institution has become an idol. Religion replaces simple faith in Christ and we can see the consequence of heaping teachers. It’s a sad reality. Jesus knew the time would come when faith would be rare on this earth. Keep speaking the truth. No need to join yourself to a club to have your voice validated. Jesus is building His Ekklesia. God bless.

    • Servus Chrisit says:

      Well said. Thank you for the encouragement. It seems to be getting exponentially worse at an unprecedented rate. Stay strong. Gird up the loins of your mind. The devil is becoming craftier by the second. When we are weak, then we are strong and His strength is made perfect.
      I pray you have been and continue to be edified by whatever you find here. May the Lord Jesus continue to sanctify us till He be formed in us.
      God bless you.

  5. PJ says:

    ” JD Hall displays seemingly sociopathic tendencies by confidently contradicting himself and denying it in the face of his own audio recordings.”
    Oh man. So true, and honestly he’s not the only one. Birds of a feather flock together…

  6. Angus McCreesh says:

    Thanks Josh for faithfully and truthfully flushing these guys out.! Sixty five years ago while in Baptist college here in Canada, our teachers warned us to stay strong and stand for enerrancy and the SUFFIENCY of scripture! Because I and others heeded their warning, we have had to “ come out “ and separate several times!
    You are a watchman on the wall, and this old veteran is right on side with you brother !!✝️

    • Servus Christi says:

      Your support and encouragement is refreshment to my soul.
      I am blessed to know the Lord has ministered to you in some way through whatever you have found here. Please pray for my personal integrity and diligence in all things.
      God bless, my friend.

  7. Darrel says:

    You are quite correct in your assessment of the ‘players’ gushing praise for JMac and that of him more directly. Guilt by association is one thing, but guilt by the words of one’s own mouth is a whole new ball game and MacArthur has spewed enough heresy over the last 40+ years for dozens of men. The list is growing. If you haven’t heard JM’s “testimony” it is well worth a few minutes of your time. It can be found in the sermon archives at gty.org titled ‘sermon # 80-33’ which is a Q & A with Phil Johnson which begins at about the fifteen minute mark. In it he claims to ‘have always been a believer’ and that he had no need of repentance. It is a testimony not to the power of Christ to save but of the blindness and arrogance of the man speaking. The list goes on: one can receive the mark of the beast and later be saved; “lordship salvation”; JM’s ‘slave’ book where he quotes only known heretics and mocks the salvation of Christ; his many derogatory comments about the blood of Christ (in my opinion he has by these comments blasphemed the Hoy Spirit). There are others, but these are the major ones. There is good research on this. If you are interested I will give you what I have seen on the web.

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