This is the Beginning of Sorrows..

Welcome to the Beginning of Sorrows. Jesus warned not to let anyone deceive us, saying that false teaching and deception would abound prior to His return. With the proliferation of falsehood in this current generation at a seemingly unprecedented rate, we, at Beginning of Sorrows, will seek to uphold the historic Christian faith as taught in the Bible, by heralding truth and exposing apostasy. That which does not conform to the Bible is fit for the dunghill. All for Jesus, all for Jesus… In spirit AND in TRUTH. Discernment is crucial.

Philippians 1:9


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Joshua Chavez

A slave of Christ. My name is Joshua Chavez.

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  1. bighossbigcross says:

    A great website! Keep up the good work!

  2. Pandora says:

    Thank you.

    God has shown me the same things over the years.

    I’ve had to leave churches because of it.

    One of the last churches I was invited to a big church building with a high stage and the young Pastor actually threw out hands full of candy upon the congregation like we were at a rock concert and we were the audience! My soul is grieved.

  3. Pandora says:

    – I’m troubled of you saying:
    “That which does not conform to the bible is fit for the dunghill.”

    For the only thing I see of the bible is said that, we are to be conformed to Christ.

    – As many false doctrines of many denominations have their conformity to the bible.
    And so very much of that is proved worthless of Christ.

    – My prayer is that you’ll come to reconsider this stance, my brother Joshua.

  4. Samual Yoder says:

    That is why we are admonished, no commanded to come out of her and be separate. We are not to be involved in their worldly ways even if it gives the appearance of religious spiritually. It is deceiving, it is the delusion prophesied to happen just before he returns because they have no love of the truth. Well did it say, “they honor me with their lips but their heart is far from me.”

  5. E.G.Forbes says:

    Very interesting stumbled upon you videos just this very day. I have been warning all who will listen for many years now about the likes of MacArthur, Piper, who then were more subtle than the likes of Warren and Gumbel. Not so subtle now though with their christian hedonism and purpose driven projects.
    I know you do not put much stock in a “statement of faith” how about a more full description on what you believe if not a full statement. It would be helpfull

    • Joshua says:

      E.G. Forbes,
      I don’t put a ton of stock in them, as I have seen marvelously eloquent statements of faith that were undermined by action, not word. That said, if you click on the “About” tab at the top of this website you will find such a statement. Stay sober. The times are waxing worse, and the real deception is coming from those who ought to know better… Remember; the best lie is the one with the highest degree of truth.
      God bless you, my friend.

  6. Paul Borner says:

    Almighty JESUS gives His Word to some of His believers and has done so in the past. JESUS is the Living GOD and creator of all things.

  7. Danny says:

    Did Jesus mean what he said in Luke 16:18 or was it mistranslation. We have a divorced and remarried deacons serving communion in many of our churches. Paul said not to have communion with immoral people. 1Cor 11-13

    • kenneth says:

      if losing our footing in the past disqualifies us from service, then we are all disqualified; being divorced and remarried doesn’t make someone unclean and unfit for duty, it’s what comes out of them that does,

  8. Wayne says:

    Question, seems there are more and more falling away from the truth and Sound Doctrine and now as we watch before our eyes what were Once thought to be teachers of sound doctrine and true God fearing men it is very difficult to see who may be left that IS trustworthy, So why not a list of “Today’s” teachers that are trustworthy and teach sound doctrine??? That List should NOT take long to assemble, I have seen fall away from the truth and venture into that grey area and then fall off the narrow path altogether and it seems as if it is almost always that the god of green is their new god and satan is their, , shall I say, step father?

  9. kenneth says:

    yep, we’re to cut them off, not even greet them, to fleeee from them,

  10. Philip says:

    The mormons and so many other cults always start this way: where people believe they are in a tiny little remnant who has the corner on the truth, while the rest of Christendom has somehow fallen into apostasy. Humans will err and church groups will make mistakes in practice and theology, but the Lord promised the Apostles when he instituted the visible church that the “gates of hell will not prevail against it.” God’s love for humanity (exhibited in the incarnation) illustrates that He will reach out even in the darkest of environments. People like Kenneth Copeland, etc., will have much to answer for at the great judgement and none of us can know what choice God will make in regard to their eternity. But, none of us individuals have a corner on the truth, most of you probably don’t even believe the theology taught by the first 400 years of the church fathers who died for and defined the orthodox Christian faith and gave us the sacred scriptures (which means you’re probably in theological error yourselves), and the author of this blog has forgotten the purpose of Jesus coming to us via the hypostatic union and the power of the Holy Spirit who ensures salvation through the very human but also divine Body of Christ (Church). Instead of spending all this time and energy trying to show the world how “right” you are (in your tiny self-proclaimed remnant), why not go seek the lost? (I came upon this website on a Google search and laughed at the Latin title when you position yourself against the Latin Church).

    • Joshua Chavez says:

      I say this in the most understanding and sincere way I can muster. Your comment is utterly ridiculous. The church “fathers” didn’t author the new testament, and many people die for things that aren’t necessarily true. Do you accept the notion of baptismal regeneration propagated by Justin Martyr, Cyprian of Carthage and Tertullian? If so, you are well on your way to becoming a Catholic yourself. Take your own advice, Philip… I’ll quote you, here:
      “Instead of spending all this time and energy trying to show the world how “right” you are (in your tiny self-proclaimed remnant), why not go seek the lost?”
      You, see Philip, your whole statement is self-defeating and ultimately vague as you really offered to objection to anything specific. Go seek the lost instead of commenting on a blog.
      P.S. The Latin language predates Catholicism by several hundred years. Your objection to this is absurd as well. Good day, Philip.


  11. Kenneth K.C. says:

    To Joshua, ??? I’m requesting your input on what some call ‘Predestination’. Does every person ever born have a chance to be reconciled to God? Or do only the elect have a chance? I’ve always struggled with this one. Partly because of verses like 1 Sam.15:3. Thx Joshua, & May God bless you & yours!

  12. Kenneth K.C. says:

    To Joshua, I’m requesting your input on what some call ‘Predestination’. ?? Does every person ever born have their chance to be reconciled to God or do only the elect have a chance? I’ve always struggled with this. Partly because of verses like 1Sam.15:3. Thx Joshua & May God bless you & yours!

  13. Ken K.C. says:

    Wow! The lesson ‘Suicide: a biblical warning’ is absolutely excellent and spot on. Also, I urge anyone reading this to listen to ‘What is the church?’ Myself, I can humbly say that I have never given much thought to the mistake of bringing the lost into the church. It does actually make sense that we should keep the church pure at all times. We should go out to the lost, not bring them in to join us. Now changing course. John MacArthur teaches what he calls ‘The doctrine of election’. I have a CD by him entitled ‘Answering the key questions about the doctrine of election.’ The concept touches on John Calvin’s ‘Unconditional election’ and ‘Perseverance of the Saints’. Some of what got me to thinking about this concept are his footnotes in the MacArthur study bible. Such as the footnotes on 1Tim. 2:4, 1Tim. 4:10, 1Jn.2:2, llPet. 3:9. Now my thoughts. Could it be that God hates the vessels of Wrath so-much-so that he doesn’t even include them in the ‘All’. Please notice ‘when’ God states that He loves Jacob but hates Esau in Romans 9:11. Could it be that God ‘only’ includes the vessels of mercy in the ‘All’. Read 1Tim. 2:14, llPet. 3:9, all of Romans 9. If God wants all to have a fair shake at reconciliation to Himself, well then explain 1Sam.15:3 and Joshua 6:21. If one says that these slaughters mandated by God are because of these people’s sin, well then ask yourself ‘How sinful could a 10 year old child or an infant be?’ Could it be that ‘The Doctrine of Election’ as stated by John MacArthur is the simple answer to the slaughters mentioned in the bible and as to why so many people hear the Gospel and just simply never believe it? I will say this -I’m quite sure that MacArthur teaches that the truly saved can in no way lose their salvation. If so, I totally disagree with him. Bottom line: God causes His elect to have faith by His sovereign choosing. The person is not the sovereign one. After all Jesus said ‘You did not choose me, but I chose You’. Albeit, I personally do believe that the Bible does teach that even God’s elect can sin their own salvation away. The flip side of all this is that the vessels of wrath will never ever have a chance to be reconciled to God, nor do they have any belief in the one and only true God, hence the unbeliever. These pre-determinations are decided by God before any human being is ever even born. Read Romans 9:11-13. I would just like to add that I don’t believe that one must know whether this concept of ‘The Doctrine of Election’ is biblically correct or incorrect in order to enter into the pearly gates. The knowledge of it is not a salvation issue. Thank God that we don’t have to know everything about how God thinks in order to get to heaven!! God is love! May God bless you and yours!

  14. Christie says:

    Just found your web site this week. Lots of good reading here. Thank you for standing for truth. There is indeed so much deception out there!

  15. Shirley says:

    What religion is jhon macarthur church??

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